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Best 150-600mm Lenses

4 Best 150-600mm Lenses

For flexibility and incredible getting to, you can’t defeat the very best 150-600mm lenses. These hardy ultra-telephoto zooms allow you to get nearer to the action, enabling you to cover the type of serious distance you should photograph topics such as for example an airshow, soccer go with, birds, or safari wildlife.

As the 70-200mm focal length may be the hottest workhorse telephoto zoom lens around, this optic doesn’t come near covering the achievement of the 150-600mm. Even 100-400mm lenses might not provide you the sort of length you need to get the shot, and happily, that generously wide range means you aren’t stuck shooting ridiculously distant subjects, with 150mm perfectly suitable for even close subjects in the garden.

These lenses are made by third-party manufacturers, and this means you can often get a great deal on one, not having to pay that premium for a super-famous brand name. This is especially useful when working in telephotos, as long lenses (and especially long primes) will tend to be very expensive.

On Canon APS-C EOS bodies, the larger 1.6x crop factor delivers an even mightier 240-960mm zoom range.

Both of Sigma’s lenses are available in Canon EF and Nikon F mount options, as well as for Sigma’s own camera bodies. Again, Tamron makes Canon and Nikon editions of its initial and second-generation 150-600mm lenses but adds Sony A-mount versions as well.

There’s a decent amount of choice out there then. So let’s look at the lenses, weigh up the pros and cons, find the best deals and make our picks for the best 150-600mm lenses you can buy right now!

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Best 150-600mm Lenses

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