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Best Budget Telephoto Lenses

Best Budget Telephoto Lenses

Finding the best budget telephoto-zoom lenses really can start your photography without having to be too tough on your own wallet. Once you’ve surely got to grips with your mirrorless camera or DSLR and bundled kit lens you’ll like to find yourself wanting to expand your shooting options and give yourself the ability to capture distant, fast-moving subjects. But how to know which to choose? We’ve put together this guide to make it easier for you.

For many people new to digital photography, a telephoto zoom lens is the first lens they look to invest in after choosing their camera body and kit lens and it’s easy to see why. Allowing you to get very much closer to your subject matter and fill the framework, they’re great for a wide range of subjects, from tightly-cropped architecture and landscapes to striking wildlife and action photos.

While it’s possible to spend over five numbers on some high-end telephoto zoom lenses, there are some great budget telephoto zoom lenses out there as well.

You’ll find that many of the more affordable lenses on this list are designed specifically for APS-C camera bodies, which means they tend to be lighter and more compact than their full-frame counterparts. Pair one of these with an APS-C camera body and you may have a very neat system that can get you really close to the actions. It’s worth bearing in mind that some lenses though will still work on cameras with larger full-frame sensors and others won’t, so it’s always worth looking at the compatibility of a lens with your camera before buying.

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We’ve included a range of lenses in this buying guideline the best budget telephoto zoom lenses, some are manufacturers’ own, and others from third-party lens makers. In every case, we’re assured that the lenses we’ve included represent amazing value for money.

Best Budget Telephoto Lenses

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