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10 Best Dash Cameras

Now is the moment to rectify the situation if you do not already have a high-quality dash camera. Even if the offers from Black Friday are no longer available, there are still plenty of opportunities to save money after the holidays have passed. You will be able to keep a record of the amount of time you spend driving, as well as any incidents or dangerous circumstances that may arise during that time.

Your insurance company will be grateful to you for installing a dash cam since it will prevent any situation in which your word is pitted against theirs in the event of an accident, regardless of who was to blame. Given the abundance of dashboard cameras currently on the market, your main challenge will be selecting the model that best suits your needs. Fortunately, we have evaluated some of the most well-known brands in order to assist you with making a decision, and the following are the top cash cams that money can buy.

10 Best Dash Cameras

1. Nextbase 622GW

Save: 71
If you have more money than you know what to do with, the Nextbase 622GW dash cam includes every feature you could possibly want in a dashboard camera and then some. Its design won’t exactly set the world on fire, but it features an unrivaled feature set and some of the highest video quality of any dash cam that is currently available on the market.

The 622GW has the ability to shoot video in 4K at 120 frames per second, has built-in image stabilization to guarantee that your recordings are silky smooth, has a mode for filming in adverse weather, and has a polarising filter that will limit reflections that would otherwise ruin your film.

But in addition to that, it comes with voice controls for Alexa, improved night vision, a parking mode that can detect collisions even when the vehicle is parked, an emergency SOS service that can contact first responders in the event that the driver is unable to do it themselves, and a parking mode that can sense collisions when the vehicle is parked. The integration of What3Words guarantees that they are aware of your precise location, accurate to within a three-meter radius.

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The 622GW can also connect to Nextbase’s rear-view camera, which costs $100, so you can keep an eye on what’s happening behind you. However, those of you who are more concerned about your spending may be put off by the high price of this camera and the fact that it does not provide two-way recording by default.

2. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

Don’t let its diminutive stature deceive you; the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 packs a surprisingly powerful punch for something of such a small size. It may not have capabilities such as a display or GPS, but the image quality it produces is exceptional, and it comes with voice controls in case you need to use the camera to do something while you are driving.

In addition, just like other recent models of Garmin Dash Cams, it has the ability to make your vehicle smarter through the use of features like as forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings, speed cameras and stop light notifications, and more. There is also the Garmin Vault, which is a cloud storage service that will automatically back up all of your recordings to a secure location in the cloud.

However, its design is by far its greatest asset. The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is so little that it is highly unlikely that you will even notice it mounted on your windscreen. This results in a significantly reduced number of distractions while driving.

3. Nextbase 522GW

Save: 110.99
Although the Nextbase 622GW outperforms it in terms of advanced capabilities, there is no disputing that the Nextbase 522GW outperforms it in terms of amazing practicality and function with a price tag that is far more affordable. The image quality is excellent during the day, but the night vision may be difficult to use if there isn’t a lot of other light around.

The camera also has a polarising filter that improves image quality when the sun’s rays are a little too intense for the camera to normally handle, an emergency SOS mode, a 3-inch touchscreen for easy operation, and Alexa speech capabilities. All of these features make the camera very user-friendly. There is a magnetic Click & Go mount, just like other Nextbase models, and you have the option to sync it with several rea-view and interior models that Nextbase offers available for purchase.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 57

Garmin’s Dash Cam 57 is an excellent option to consider if you want a high-quality dash cam at a price that won’t make your stomach turn. The Garmin Dash Cam 57 is equipped with all of the standard features found in dash cams, in addition to a few extras that not only improve your recording capabilities but also make your vehicle look more modern.

The Garmin 57 really comes into its own in situations where you don’t have a newer automobile equipped with driver-aid capabilities. It is equipped with a variety of safety features such as warnings in the event of an impending collision, alerts in the event that you are departing from your lane, and warnings in the event that you are approaching a stop light or a speed camera. It will also alert you if you are too preoccupied with something else to realize that the traffic has begun to move.

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In addition, the Garmin 57 comes equipped with a parking guard, a live view, and automatic cloud backup, which saves a copy of your video in an encrypted format and keeps it in the cloud for safekeeping. If you combine this feature with voice controls, an integrated GPS, and a video resolution of 1440p, you should be able to record all the crucial information in the event that the worst-case scenario occurs.

In addition, just like every other dash cam made by Garmin, the Garmin 57 is capable of connecting to an extra four cameras so that you can record in other directions.

5. Nextbase 320XR Dash Cam

Save: 10.99
The Nextbase 320XR is a fantastic, no-frills twin-camera solution that undercuts many of its competitors in its class. Experienced dash cam users might be disappointed that the device does not include more advanced functions or support for 2K recording.

Even though the image quality is not ideal, it is more than capable, and its small and understated appearance makes it appropriate to the requirements of most vehicles. If you are looking for a trustworthy and inexpensive twin-camera system that does not include an extravagant box of tricks, then this one is an excellent option for you to consider.

6. Vantrue N2 Pro

Save: 30
The Vantrue N2 Pro could be an excellent choice for you if you’d want to avoid the inconvenience of installing two separate dash cam modules in order to recording both the front and the back of your vehicle. Not only does it come with an additional lens to cover your rear, but it also enables you to modify the angle at which that lens is positioned, so that it is more aesthetically pleasing within the confines of your vehicle.

Even if the overall film isn’t of the highest quality, with some graininess and lens flare, you’ll still wind up with recordings that are clear and crisp, which you can use to keep track of what’s going on on the roads around you. It goes without saying that it is lacking in a lot of essential features, such as any form of wireless connectivity, which will make accessing your videos a little bit more challenging.

However, given that it comes equipped with all of the essentials as well as a secondary camera at no additional cost, this dash cam is definitely one to take into consideration. Especially considering it costs $170 dollars.

7. Kenwood DRV-A301W

The Kenwood DRV-A31W presents a compelling argument for becoming the dash cam that you choose for your vehicle thanks to its rugged build and resolution that can reach up to 1080p. Not only can it record footage automatically and save it for safekeeping in the event of an accident, but it also comes equipped with a large display and an onboard GPS system that can log your speed and location at the time.

Better still One of our favorite Dash Cam companion apps is the Kenwood Dash Cam manager. Kenwood makes dash cams. Not only can you connect to the camera through a local wireless network in order to view the previously recorded video, but you can also view a live view of what the camera is now seeing on your screen at any given time. The quality of the video that has been recorded is likewise very high, however, the audio may occasionally be a little choppy.

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The Kenwood DRV-A31W may not have any features that are exclusive to it and set it apart from its competitors, but it does have everything you require in a dash cam, and it comes at a cheap price point to boot.

8. Vantrue S1 Dash Cam

Save: 50
The Vantrue S1 provides a dual-view dash cam solution that can be purchased for a reasonable price and has good video recording capabilities, despite the fact that it is by no means ideal. The video recordings made during the day are very clear and detailed, and there are no concerns with the coloration; in contrast, the nighttime footage, which is fuzzier, is still pretty commendable.

Although there are a few aspects of the Vantrue S1 that we would modify, such as specific design features and the absence of more advanced functionality, everything that is necessary is included and accounted for. Strong video and audio, a global positioning system (GPS), incident detection, and a parking guard who is on duty around the clock. In a similar vein, navigating the menu system is a breeze, and it includes a number of buttons that are sensitive to their surroundings.

The Vantrue S1 is a dash cam that offers dual views and is reasonably priced, making it a good option to consider if you are searching for a dash cam that isn’t completely awful.

9. Car & Driver Road Patrol Touch Duo

Car & Driver calls it “a respectable mid-range effort” with an excellent assortment of functions and an OLED touchscreen, which is a rare sight on dash cams in general and especially at this price point. In addition to this, the camera configuration is highly adaptable, and it is possible to record footage that is high definition and crystal clear.

Some of the capabilities do not function as well as they should, and the camera itself has a flimsy feel to it. Additionally, the Patrol Touch Duo is missing important features like GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a dash cam that has a dual-view camera, good video quality, and all of the capabilities that are standard, you should give this some thought.

10. Nexar Beam

Save: 10
The Nexar Beam GPS dash cam is an option to consider if you are interested in purchasing something that provides clear video footage, has a design that is both discrete and tiny and costs a reasonable amount of money. Not only is it a reliable and reasonably priced dash cam, but it also includes unrestricted use of the cloud storage platform provided by Nexar. This means that you won’t have to worry about how to keep your footage safe in the event of an accident.

The accompanying app isn’t very good, and getting started with your cloud space could be a little bit challenging at first. But despite the fact that it has some flaws, the Nexar Beam is still an excellent pick that provides all of the features that are necessary for a dashboard camera.


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