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Best Flash for Nikon D3400

Real estate photography may be made straightforward and pleasurable with the help of a Nikon D3400, which will free you to concentrate on your innate ability to compose breathtaking photographs and on keeping an eye out for spectacular situations. We are going to take a look at the best flash for the Nikon D3400 that can both complement and improve upon the qualities of this camera.

Best Compatible Flash for Nikon D3400

Although there are other excellent and fairly priced flashes on the market, the following have proven to be particularly useful for real estate photographers.

1. Nikon SB-5000 AF

Save: 104.95
The Nikon SB-5000 has evolved into one of the company’s most cutting-edge flashes thanks to its strong radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting system. This technology is compatible with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System and offers excellent results. This new layout offers a speedy and uncomplicated operation, and it comes equipped with an Info button that grants you instant access to a number of the options you employ the majority of the time.

The SB-5000 is the first shoe-mounted flash to feature an innovative built-in cooling system. This technology is a first for shoe-mounted flashes and was developed for dependability as well as mobility. It vents heat quickly and effectively, enabling you to fire up to one hundred flashes at full power in rapid succession without experiencing any problems.

Because it is both lightweight and easy to operate, the SB-5000 flash is an excellent choice for photographers who are constantly on the move. It takes up less space and provides you with easy access to tasks like changing the Flash Mode, adjusting the Zoom Head Position, and adjusting the Flash Compensation Value.

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The SB-5000 can either be used off-camera as a remote flash that is controlled by the built-in flash of your camera, another Speedlight, or the SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander, or it can be used on-camera as a Master Flash that controls other remote flashes. On the other hand, the most significant drawback of using this flash is that it makes it impossible to set up a radio wireless network.

2. Nikon SB-700 AF

This flash has an excellent reputation as a product, and when combined with its top features and expanded functionality, it is in a strong position to compete with other flashes for the position of being the best option for the Nikon D3400.

Any real estate photographer would benefit greatly from purchasing the i-TTL-optimized SB-700 since it strikes the ideal mix between exposure, performance, and portability. Because the flash head is adjustable, it enables creative illumination of practically any subject matter. Whether you operate it with a hot shoe or wirelessly as a master, commander, or remote light source, you have the ability to deliver amazing effects and achieve flawless integration with your lighting system.

Using the simple slider switch located on the back of the SB-700, you have the ability to maximize the light quality by picking one of three different patterns for the dispersion of the light: For general illumination in groups or interiors, choose the Standard, Center-weighted, or Even exposure modes. Portraits should be shot using the Standard exposure mode. Identifies Nikon cameras using both the FX and DX formats and chooses the optimal angle for light distribution automatically.

Because the SB-700 does not have the wireless connection capabilities of the SB-5000, it is difficult to manage all Creative Lighting System items that are compatible. Additionally, it does not produce the desired output and recycling takes longer. However, it does offer sufficient functionality for most photographers without requiring a significant financial investment on their part.

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3. Yongnuo YN560 IV

Real estate photographers will benefit greatly from using the Yongnuo YN560 IV Wireless Flash Master because it is an exceptional manual flash that can be used in controlled environments.

It is a huge improvement that this flash has full radio control, which enables you to manage more than one of these lights at the same time. With a zoom range of 24-105 millimeters and a recycle time of three seconds, this off-camera flash is especially appealing to real estate photographers who want to utilize it off-camera.

A sturdy construction may be found in the Yongnuo YN560 IV Flash. Changing the location of the flash head across its 90-degree vertical and 270-degree horizontal range gives the impression that it is made of a material that is extremely substantial.

The Flash comes with a plethora of capabilities that make it an appealing option for shooters who prefer to manually control their cameras. Those who prefer to shoot in automatic mode are going to be disappointed to learn that it does not feature a TTL option.

Another feature that is absent is high-speed sync, which enables photographers to take pictures with shutter speeds that are faster than 1/250 of a second. When you need to take pictures with a relatively tiny aperture yet a quick shutter speed, a modern function called high-speed sync comes in quite handy.

4. Nikon SB-600

Because of the characteristics of High-Speed Sync, the Nikon SB-600 is a compact flash that enables the use of Fill-Flash in a wide range of lighting conditions. It also features effective operating settings, such as blurring for out-of-focus components, which produce excellent results and open up creative possibilities. As a result, the Nikon SB-600 is an excellent choice to pair with the Nikon D3400.

Fill-Flash may be employed even in bright daylight with wide aperture settings thanks to the flash’s Auto FP High-Speed Sync feature. This allows for fantastic results as well as new creative possibilities, such as the effective blurring of elements in the background that are out of focus. There is also an alternative in the form of a color filter set called SJ-1, which enables even more imaginative shooting.

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The Nikon SB-600 does not have a catch-light card built into it. Therefore, if you wish to add a fill light or boost the catch light when bouncing, you will need to utilize either an aftermarket bounce card or another form of the flash diffuser. In addition, there is no “backlight” button that can be used to brighten the display when there is a lack of available light. As an alternative, a user-defined function might be used to activate the backlight.


The Godox TT685 is a powerful flash that is packed with features and can be purchased at a price that is quite affordable. The flash has a great build quality and weighs around 1.1 pounds when fully loaded with batteries. It is also significantly more cumbersome than the Nikon SB 700.

When you are utilizing the flash, there is a standard dot-matrix LCD panel located on the back of the TT685 that displays all of the settings as well as the information that you will need. In addition to the button that turns the device on and off, there is a dial in the middle of the device that can be turned to make manual adjustments to the settings.

It doesn’t take much effort to turn the flash so that it is pointing in the direction of the subject you are photographing. On the other side, it is a lot more difficult to rotate the flash through a full 360 degrees. The flash may be used in any mode with little difficulty. After 90 seconds of inactivity, it will turn off; however, you can reactivate it by hitting the midway button on the camera shutter or any of the buttons on the flash.

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