Best Flash for Sony a7R IV

In October 2021, Sony made an exciting announcement in the world of photography with the release of the new Sony A7 IV. This camera quickly garnered attention for its impressive resolution and advanced AF performance, making it a top choice for photographers. Moreover, it proved to be a powerful tool for filmmakers and content creators with its robust 4K 60p video recording capabilities.

If you’re an owner of the Sony Alpha A7 IV or planning to get one, you’ll want to maximize its potential by investing in a high-quality flash. A good flash can significantly enhance your photography experience, especially in low-light situations and various creative scenarios. In this article, we’ll explore the best flash options available for the Sony Alpha A7 IV, helping you elevate your photography game to new heights.

Why a Flash Matters for Sony A7 IV

The Sony Alpha A7 IV is a versatile camera that excels in various shooting conditions, but even the best cameras can struggle in low-light situations. Having a reliable flash is essential for filling in shadows, illuminating subjects, and adding creative lighting effects. Whether you’re into portrait photography, event shooting, or capturing fast-moving subjects, a flash can significantly improve your results.

Why Invest in a Speedlite Flash?

A Speedlite flash is an essential tool for any photographer, especially when shooting in low-light conditions or when additional light is needed to fill shadows. Unlike the built-in flash on your camera, a Speedlite flash offers more power, versatility, and control. It allows you to bounce light off walls or ceilings, creating softer and more flattering illumination, or even use it off-camera for creative lighting setups.

Best Flash for Sony a7R IV

1. Sony HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash

Key Features:

  • 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver with 98′ Range
  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
  • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
  • Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel)
  • Quick Shift Bounce for 90° L/R Pivot
  • Tilts from -8 to 150°
  • Wireless TTL Ratio Controller/Remote
  • LED Light and AF Illuminator
  • Quick Navi Interface with Dot Matrix LCD
  • Recycle Time: 0.1-1.7 Seconds

The Sony HVL-F60RM stands as the flagship flash unit from Sony, and it undoubtedly lives up to its reputation. This wireless radio flash is equipped with a built-in 2.4 GHz radio transceiver, allowing photographers to create portable lighting setups with ease and precision. With complete support for P-TTL (Pre-flash TTL) and ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering, this flash delivers consistent and accurate exposures, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Its impressive guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 105mm ensures that you have ample lighting power at your disposal, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors. The zoom range of 20-200mm (14mm with panel) allows for creative control over the flash coverage, enabling you to adapt to various shooting scenarios effortlessly.

The Quick Shift Bounce feature adds to the flash’s versatility, enabling you to pivot it 90 degrees to the left or right quickly. This feature ensures that you can bounce the flash off walls or ceilings to achieve softer and more natural lighting effects, which is essential in portrait photography and other situations where harsh direct flash is undesirable.

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Furthermore, the HVL-F60RM can act as a commander or a remote flash, providing seamless integration with Sony’s existing radio commanders and receivers. It supports ratio control and can work with up to 15 flashes in five groups, granting you complete control over your lighting setup. The flash also offers access to 14 channels, minimizing the risk of interference when multiple photographers are shooting in the same vicinity.

The LED light and AF illuminator are valuable additions, especially in low-light conditions or when focusing in dark environments. Additionally, the Quick Navi interface with a dot matrix LCD makes menu navigation and setting adjustments quick and intuitive, saving you precious time during your photo shoots.

With a recycle time of 0.1-1.7 seconds, the HVL-F60RM ensures that you never miss a crucial moment, and its wireless capabilities make it a reliable and indispensable tool for any Sony a7 IV photographer. At a price point of $548, this flash offers unmatched performance and features, making it the best flash choice for Sony a7 IV users.

2. Sony HVL-F45RM Wireless Radio Flash

Key Features:

  • 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver with 98′ Range
  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
  • Guide Number: 148′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
  • Zoom Range: 24-105mm (15mm with Panel)
  • Tilts from -8 to 150°
  • Rotates Left & Right 180°
  • Radio or Optical TTL Commander or Remote
  • LED Light with 400 lux Output at 1.6′
  • Flash Distribution and Memory Settings
  • Dust- & Moisture-Resistant Construction

The Sony HVL-F45RM is a compact yet powerful wireless radio flash that perfectly complements the Sony a7 IV’s capabilities. With a guide number of 148′ at ISO 100 and 105mm, this flash delivers ample lighting power for various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re capturing portraits, events, or macro shots, the HVL-F45RM provides consistent and reliable lighting performance.

Similar to its big brother, the HVL-F60RM, this flash comes equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver, offering a range of 98 feet. This wireless functionality allows you to create off-camera lighting setups effortlessly, enabling you to achieve professional-quality results without the limitations of wired connections.

The HVL-F45RM supports Sony’s ADI and P-TTL metering systems, ensuring accurate flash exposures and seamless integration with your Sony a7 IV camera. The zoom range of 24-105mm (15mm with panel) provides flexibility in adjusting the flash coverage to suit your composition.

The tilting and rotating capabilities of this flash enable you to bounce the light in various directions, giving you more control over the quality and direction of your lighting. Bouncing the flash can produce softer and more flattering results, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more natural look.

For photographers who prefer optical triggering, the HVL-F45RM also offers an optical TTL commander and remote functionalities. Additionally, the built-in LED light with a 400 lux output at 1.6 feet serves as a convenient tool for video shooting or as an AF assist light in low-light conditions.

The flash distribution and memory settings allow you to recall and set your preferred flash distribution quickly, saving you time during critical shoots. Moreover, the dust- and moisture-resistant construction ensures that the flash can withstand various environmental conditions, providing peace of mind when shooting outdoors or in challenging locations.

3. Godox V1 Flash for Sony

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
  • Output: 76Ws
  • Auto Zoom Control, Zoom Range: 28-105mm
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless X-System Transmitter
  • Built-In LED Modeling Lamp
  • Tilts -7 to 120°, Rotates 330°
  • Round Flash Head Design
  • Magnetic Light Modifier Attachment
  • 1.5 sec Recycle Time, HSS Support
  • Removable, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

The Godox V1 Flash is a powerful and innovative light source designed specifically for Sony cameras, including the Sony a7 IV. With a high output of 76Ws, this flash delivers sufficient power for various photography styles, from portrait and event photography to creative lighting effects in the studio.
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One of the standout features of the Godox V1 is its round flash head design, which produces softer and more natural-looking light compared to traditional rectangular flash heads. The round flash head helps create pleasing catchlights in the eyes of your subjects, adding depth and character to portraits.

The V1 flash is compatible with Sony’s ADI and P-TTL metering systems, ensuring accurate and consistent flash exposures with your Sony a7 IV camera. The auto zoom control with a zoom range of 28-105mm allows you to adapt the flash coverage to match your lens focal length, providing optimal lighting results in various shooting situations.

Wireless shooting is made easy with the 2.4 GHz Wireless X-System transmitter, allowing you to control and trigger the flash remotely. This feature enables you to create more dynamic lighting setups without the constraints of wired connections.

The built-in LED modeling lamp serves as a valuable tool for previewing your lighting before taking the shot, helping you fine-tune your setup and achieve the desired results. Additionally, the tilting and rotating capabilities of the flash head provide you with creative freedom in directing and controlling the light.

With a fast recycle time of 1.5 seconds and high-speed sync (HSS) support, the Godox V1 Flash allows you to capture fast-paced moments with ease, making it an ideal choice for event and action photographers. Furthermore, the flash comes with a removable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery, providing long-lasting power for extended shooting sessions.

4. Sony HVL-F46RM Wireless Radio Flash

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
  • Per-Frame P-TTL Flash Control
  • On-Camera Flash & Transceiver
  • Recycle Time: 1.7 Seconds
  • Flash Control Linked to Face Detection
  • Up to 60 Consecutive Flashes at 10 fps
  • Comprehensive Control from Sony Alpha

Sony introduces the HVL-F46RM Wireless Radio Flash, representing the next step in their on-camera flash series. This cutting-edge flash is meticulously engineered to maximize the power of the Sony Alpha camera series, making it an ideal choice for Sony a7 IV users who demand top-notch performance from their equipment.

The HVL-F46RM offers per-frame P-TTL flash control, allowing for precise flash exposure adjustments for every shot. The flash control is linked to face detection, which is a game-changer when shooting portraits or capturing subjects in challenging lighting conditions.

With a recycle time of 1.7 seconds, the HVL-F46RM ensures that you can capture fleeting moments with ease. It also boasts the ability to fire up to 60 consecutive flashes at 10 fps, making it suitable for capturing fast-paced action and sports photography.

Comprehensive control from your Sony Alpha camera gives you the ability to fine-tune your flash settings directly from your camera’s menu system. This seamless integration allows for a more streamlined and efficient workflow, ensuring you can focus on capturing the perfect shot.

While the exact price of the Sony HVL-F46RM may vary (Please check the latest price on B&H/ Adorama), this flash promises to be a valuable addition to your Sony a7 IV photography gear, enhancing your lighting capabilities and expanding your creative possibilities.

5. Sony HVL-F60R II Wireless Radio Flash

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
  • Per-Frame P-TTL Flash Control
  • On-Camera Flash & Transceiver
  • Recycle Time: 1.7 Seconds
  • Flash Control Linked to Face Detection
  • Up to 200 Consecutive Flashes at 10 fps
  • Comprehensive Control from Sony Alpha

The Sony HVL-F60R II Wireless Radio Flash represents the pinnacle of Sony’s flash technology, designed to meet the demands of professional photographers who rely on the Sony a7 IV for their creative work. This flash inherits the features that made its predecessor, the HVL-F60RM, so popular, but with further enhancements to take your lighting capabilities to new heights.
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The per-frame P-TTL flash control ensures that each shot receives precise and consistent flash exposure, providing you with optimal lighting results every time. Moreover, the flash control linked to face detection allows for intelligent and accurate flash adjustments when photographing people, ensuring natural and flattering lighting.

With an impressive recycle time of 1.7 seconds and the ability to fire up to 200 consecutive flashes at 10 fps, this flash is ready to keep up with your fast-paced shooting needs, whether you’re capturing events, wildlife, or sports action.

Comprehensive control from your Sony Alpha camera means you can access and adjust the flash settings directly from your camera’s menu, streamlining your workflow and allowing you to focus on your creative vision without interruption.

While the exact price of the Sony HVL-F60R II may vary (Please check the latest price on B&H/ Adorama), this flash is undoubtedly a premium investment for photographers who demand nothing but the best from their equipment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flash

1. Power and Guide Number

The power output of a flash is measured by its Guide Number (GN), which indicates how far the flash can effectively illuminate the subject. A higher GN allows for longer-distance flash photography. For the Sony A7 IV, flashes with higher power output are preferable, especially when shooting in larger spaces or outdoors.

2. Recycle Time

The recycle time of a flash refers to how quickly it can recharge between flashes. A shorter recycle time means you can take more shots in rapid succession without waiting for the flash to recharge. This is crucial for capturing fast-moving subjects or when shooting in continuous mode.

3. Flash Modes and Features

Look for a flash that offers various flash modes, including TTL (Through The Lens) metering for automatic exposure control, manual mode for full creative control, and high-speed sync for shooting at high shutter speeds. Additionally, features like a tilt and swivel head provide flexibility in directing the flash for bounce and off-camera lighting.

4. Wireless Capability

Wireless flash functionality is beneficial for off-camera lighting setups, allowing you to control multiple flashes simultaneously. This feature enables you to create more elaborate lighting arrangements and experiment with creative lighting techniques.

5. Compatibility with A7 IV

Ensure that the flash you choose is compatible with the Sony Alpha A7 IV’s hot shoe or has the necessary adapters. Proper compatibility ensures seamless communication between the camera and flash, avoiding any compatibility issues.

Why Use a Speedlite Flash?

Before we delve into the best flashes for the Sony a7 IV, let’s briefly discuss why using a speedlite flash can significantly improve your photography:

  1. Increased Lighting Control: Speedlite flashes offer adjustable power output, allowing you to control the intensity of the light to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Enhanced Creativity: With features like high-speed sync and stroboscopic effects, speedlite flashes enable you to capture creative and dynamic images.
  3. Better Low-Light Performance: Speedlite flashes provide additional light in low-light situations, reducing the chances of blurry or underexposed images.
  4. Faster Recycling Time: Compared to the built-in flash on the camera, speedlite flashes have faster recycle times, ensuring you never miss a critical moment.
  5. Versatility: Speedlite flashes can be used both on and off-camera, giving you flexibility in your lighting setup.


Choosing the right flash for your Sony A7 IV is essential to unleash the full potential of this remarkable camera. Each of the mentioned flashes offers unique advantages, from high-end performance to budget-friendly options. Assess your photography needs, consider factors like power, recycle time, and wireless capabilities, and select a flash that best aligns with your shooting style and creative vision.

By adding a compatible flash to your Sony A7 IV, you’ll expand your photographic horizons, capturing stunning images with precise lighting control. Upgrade your photography gear today, and witness the transformation it brings to your shots.

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