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best Lensbaby and Lomography lenses

10 Best Lensbaby and Lomography Lenses

The best Lensbaby lenses, along with Lomo lenses, are a smart way to inject a bit of fun into your photography. These often affordable lenses offer a wide range of funky and creative effects that can really give your images a distinctive look. With plenty of lenses to select from, which one should you pick?

Eye-catching effects

Typically when it comes to buying a lens, one of our main concerns is optical quality and how sharp they are. Things though are a little different when picking the best Lensbaby or Lomo lens.

That’s because half their charm is the quirky nature by which they capture the scene, with sweet spots of focus and blurring of the image all sections of the distinctive aesthetic they create. If you are looking for flawless outcomes, these aren’t the lenses for you personally. However, if you prefer a lens that will produce dramatic, eye-catching results that may make your shots immediately stick out from the audience, the retro-inspired features entirely on Lensbaby and Lomo lenses are worth trying out.

Don’t expect some of these lenses the following to offer autofocus, even though many have set apertures, helping to make shooting with the Lensbaby or Lomo zoom lens very much a back again to basics expertise. This does imply that they do need a little practice to have the method dialed in, but you will end up being rewarded with funky concentrate and bokeh results that’ll offer you unique photos that you can truly contact on your own.

Five things to look out for

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1. Mounting concern

The Lensbaby lenses on the test are for sale to Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Electronic and Fujifilm X cameras, as the Lomography lenses will fit Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

2. Manual focus

Don’t expect creature comforts such as autofocus: each one of these lenses are usually completely manual, which means you do all of the work, but may take all the credit.

3. Maintain composure

A few of the special results available here necessitate careful photo composition – don’t expect optimum visual pop from the off.

4. Modular systems

Lenses just like the Lensbaby Advantage 35 are created to utilize a separate housing – in cases like this, Lensbaby’s Composer Professional II; is excellent if you’ve obtained one, nonetheless it will get expensive if you haven’t.

5. Budget options

All our lenses use glass elements, but really cheap novelty lenses with plastic elements are out there if you want an uber-low-grade look.

10 Best Lensbaby and Lomography Lenses

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