Best Memory Cards for FujiFilm X100F

Looking for the best SD memory cards for FujiFilm X100F? Here are our top recommended & fastest SD cards for the FujiFilm X100F camera.

The FujiFilm X100F has a single SD card slot that fully supports UHS-I cards. That means you can’t get any extra write speed benefit from the UHS-II cards although they can be used in the FujiFilm X100F in UHS-I mode at the fastest UHS-I speed. For still photography, 8 fps burst shooting and full HD 1080p video at 60 fps, the UHS-I SD card is already more than enough. So we highly recommend getting a UHS-I SD card for your FujiFilm X100F camera, and you don’t need to pay extra money for the UHS-II cards unless you require fast transfer speeds (read speeds) from your card to your computer.

Best Memory Cards for FujiFilm X100F

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