Best Mics for Sony a7c

In September 2020, Sony A7C was announced. What makes it unique is that it packages a full-frame sensor and minimizes its size and weight. The architecture is very similar to Sony’s APS-C cameras, such as the Sony A6600 but it is very similar in specifications to the Sony A7 III. This means a 24MP full-frame sensor, 4K video capture with up to 30 fps and a 1080p with up to 120 fps.

Sony A7C also has a completely articulated monitor and is an ideal choice for YouTubers and other content makers. It’s still a fantastic B-cam and can be used for video weddings, interviews and many more. Of course, we strongly recommend that you invest in an external microphone when you plan to use it for serious videography. In most situations, a shotgun mic on the monitor would do the trick. Okay, let’s try out Best Mics for Sony A7C.

Best Mics for Sony A7C

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