Best Third-Party Camera Batteries

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for affordable and reliable camera batteries? Investing in high-quality third-party camera batteries can be a game-changer, offering cost-effective alternatives to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries without compromising performance. In this article, we will explore the best third-party camera battery brands available in the market, highlighting their features, compatibility, and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to photography, having a reliable power source for your camera is crucial. While OEM batteries are often reliable, they can be expensive, especially when you need multiple batteries for extended shoots or travel. Third-party camera batteries provide a cost-effective solution, allowing you to capture those precious moments without breaking the bank.

Importance of Third-Party Camera Batteries

Third-party camera batteries offer several advantages over OEM batteries. Firstly, they are more affordable, making it easier for photographers of all levels to expand their battery collection. Additionally, third-party batteries often have comparable performance and capacity to their OEM counterparts, ensuring that you won’t miss out on any shots due to battery life limitations.

Factors to Consider When Buying Third-Party Camera Batteries

Before diving into the world of third-party camera batteries, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure you make the best purchasing decision.

1. Capacity and Performance: Check the battery’s capacity, typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). Higher capacity batteries provide longer shooting times. Look for batteries that offer reliable performance and can handle the demands of your camera model.

2. Compatibility: Ensure the battery is compatible with your camera model. Check the manufacturer’s specifications and compatibility lists to avoid any compatibility issues or damage to your camera.

3. Safety Features: Consider batteries with built-in safety features such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection. These features help prevent accidents and safeguard your camera.

4. Warranty and Customer Support: Look for brands that offer warranties and reliable customer support. This ensures you have recourse in case of any issues with the battery.

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Best Third-Party Camera Battery Brands to Buy

Best Third-Party Nikon Camera Batteries

Nikon will introduce the EN-EL18d for the mirrorless Z9. However, at the time of writing, Nikon cameras, including the mirrorless Z series, use the EN-EL15c battery.

The C variant is an improvement over earlier Nikon batteries. Customers noted a capacity difference as compared to the C version. However, many also notice the higher price tag.

1. BM Premium EN-EL15c

BM Premium sells EN-EL15c batteries at half the price of Nikon, and you receive two batteries as well as a twin battery charger. Both the Nikon and BM Premium batteries have a capacity of 2280mAH. On its chargers, the merchant provides a safety assurance and a one-year warranty.

The product is well-liked and highly rated by users. Some users claimed that the batteries faded faster than Nikon’s.

One customer stated that the batteries were causing their camera to shut down. Another individual mentioned a mistake in the video recording. However, most photographers discovered that these batteries performed admirably.

2. Wasabi Power EN-EL15c

Wasabi’s EN-EL15c is even less priced than BM Premium’s. You get two batteries for roughly a third of the price of a Nikon battery.

It’s a touch less powerful, with a capacity of 2000mAh vs the Nikon’s 2280mAh. Wasabi, on the other hand, provides a three-year warranty on this product.

The battery receives favorable feedback from the majority of consumers. However, there are certain concerns. It does not keep a charge as well as the OEM, according to users. Some users noticed issues with their camera’s transmission.

Others who have previously utilized Wasabi goods encountered issues with this device. However, many people believe they are worthwhile.

Best Third-Party Canon Camera Batteries

The LP-E6NH is an improved version of the LP-E6N. It is the source of power for several Canon cameras, including the mirrorless series. It’s also the battery suggested for Canon’s mirrorless R5 and R6 cameras.

1. BM Premium LP-E6NH

The BM Premium version of the LP-E6NH costs around one-third the price of a Canon battery. They are sold in a set of two with a charger. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty as well as safety assurance.

In general, many consumers enjoy and recommend the battery on the BM Premium. The majority of customers noted that these batteries performed identically to their Canon counterparts, even shooting at a fast frame rate.

2. Powerextra LP-E6NH

Powerextra’s two-pack with charger costs somewhat less than the BM Premium LP-E6NH. These batteries have a larger capacity than Canon cells, which have a capacity of 2950mAh.
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According to reviews, the battery drains faster than the Canon. However, critics appear to be pleased, with many giving it a high grade.

This battery is capable of high-speed shooting while remaining cool throughout video recording. You might not be able to identify the difference between a Powerextra and a Canon battery.

Best Third-Party Sony Camera Batteries

Sony began using larger-capacity NP-FZ100 batteries in its third-generation mirrorless cameras.

Smaller-bodied first- and second-generation cameras, like the A7RII, have a smaller battery. However, this meant that you had to change batteries frequently.

I have a plethora of batteries for my A7II. Some are original equipment manufacturers. Others are aftermarket items.

1. Neewer NP-FZ100

You may acquire two Neewer batteries and a charger for the same price as one Sony NP-FZ100. This battery has the same capacity as the Sony battery.

Some reviewers have reported error messages with other brands of batteries, but not with Neewer. It appears to operate well, since many people rate it highly. Customers appear to enjoy the associated charging unit.

2. Powerextra NP-FZ100

You can obtain two Powerextra batteries and a charger for two-thirds the price of a Sony battery. The capacity is 2500mAh, which is greater than the original. The battery has received good marks. It has a lot of positive feedback from users.

However, feedback has been divided. According to some consumers, it lasts as long as the brand name. Others report that it empties more quickly. Overall, the battery appears to function properly, with no camera issues.

Best Third-Party Fujifilm Camera Batteries

The NP-W126S battery is used in the majority of Fujifilm cameras. This battery has a lower capacity than those found in current mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers.

A few extras may be required to get you through a day of filming. But be cautious. Reviewers have raised concerns about the prevalence of counterfeit Fujifilm batteries on the market.

1. Powerextra NP-W126S

Powerextra’s two-pack with charger costs less than half the price of a Fujifilm brand battery. The batteries have a somewhat greater capacity, with a capacity of 1500mAh.

The cameras appear to be incompatible, yet they have the same power as Fujifilm’s. The charging unit is very popular among users.

2. Wasabi Power NP-W126S

Wasabi and Powerextra are both reasonably priced. With a capacity of 1400mAh, the batteries are more powerful.

According to some consumers, they survive as long as the brand name. Others discovered that they drain more quickly. Overall, the battery appears to function properly, with no camera issues.

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Pricing and Value for Money

When considering third-party camera batteries, it’s essential to assess the pricing and value for money. While OEM batteries are often more expensive, third-party batteries offer comparable performance at a fraction of the cost. Analyze the pricing of different brands and consider the battery’s capacity, compatibility, and customer reviews to determine the best value for your budget.

Compatibility and Safety

One of the crucial factors in choosing a third-party camera battery is compatibility with your camera model. Always cross-check the compatibility lists provided by the battery manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit. Furthermore, prioritize safety by selecting batteries with built-in safety features like overcharge protection and short circuit prevention. These features safeguard your camera and provide peace of mind during your photography adventures.


Investing in third-party camera batteries can be a wise decision for photographers seeking affordability and performance. With the top five brands mentioned in this article, you can confidently choose batteries that match your requirements and enhance your photography experience. Remember to consider factors such as battery capacity, compatibility, safety features, pricing, and customer reviews when making your purchase.


Q1. Are third-party camera batteries safe to use?

Yes, reputable third-party camera battery brands prioritize safety by incorporating features like overcharge protection and short circuit prevention. However, it’s essential to purchase batteries from trusted brands and follow proper charging practices to ensure safety.

Q2. Can third-party camera batteries damage my camera?

When used properly and purchased from reputable brands, third-party camera batteries should not damage your camera. However, always double-check compatibility and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to minimize any potential risks.

Q3. How long do third-party camera batteries last?

The lifespan of third-party camera batteries varies depending on usage, care, and quality. On average, they can last for a similar duration as OEM batteries if properly maintained and used within their specifications.

Q4. Are third-party camera batteries covered by warranties?

Many reputable third-party camera battery brands offer warranties to ensure customer satisfaction and provide support in case of any issues. Check the warranty information provided by the brand before making your purchase.

Q5. Where can I buy third-party camera batteries?

Third-party camera batteries are available at various online and physical retailers. You can purchase them from reputable camera stores, electronics retailers, or trusted online marketplaces.

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