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Best Yongnuo Flash for Canon

Yongnuo flashes can also produce a substantial amount of light, making them a good choice for those searching for an inexpensive alternative to the Canon external flashes that are typically quite pricey. This is the reason why we are providing solutions for various shooting demands as well as advice on how to select the most appropriate Yongnuo flash for Canon cameras.

Best Yongnuo Flash for Canon

There are a few different Yongnuo flashes on the market; however, our research has shown that the Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Speedlite is the best Yongnuo flash for Canon because of its quick recharge time and high light output.

We also recommend various Yongnuo flash that may be better suited to other lighting approaches and can be used for a variety of photographic specialties, including real estate photography.

1. Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Wireless Flash

Because of Canon cameras’ superior image quality, contrast, and focus, a significant number of photographers have chosen to use Canon equipment. When your Canon camera doesn’t have a flash or the built-in flash isn’t powerful enough, the Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Speedlite comes with various capabilities that can compete with Canon’s in-house lights and is a great option to have.
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The straightforward operation of the navigation panel is one of the selling factors of this product. For example, you won’t have any trouble attaching the YN600EX-RT II flash to a Canon 70D, and you’ll cut down significantly on the amount of time spent adjusting the settings.

Both the YN600EX-RT II and the YN968N II have a powerful flash output of 60 meters, but the YN600EX-RT II’s recharge rate is 0.5 seconds slower than the YN968N II’s. As a result, this is still quick enough for photographic applications such as real estate and landscape.

2. Yongnuo YN968N II Wireless Camera Speedlite

The Yongnuo YN968N II Speedlite is another excellent contender for the title of best Yongnuo flash for Canon. This is primarily due to the fact that it has variable flash settings, an interface that is easy to use, and a price point that is affordable.

The YN968N has the quickest recycling time out of all of the flashes that are included on this list thanks to its two-second recharging rate. When utilizing batteries that have been completely charged, the flash can be fired a maximum of 1500 times.

You may prevent your Canon camera from becoming overworked by maintaining low ISO levels. The powerful flash output can reach up to 60 meters. The multiple settings on this flash will assist you in increasing the amount of light that is produced, regardless of whether you want to use a wireless or manual mode.

3. Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlite

An investment in Canon cameras, regardless of whether they have a full-frame, crop-sensor, or mirrorless format, is not an inexpensive endeavor. If you want to reduce the amount of money you spend, you can try using the Yongnuo YN-560 IV Speedlite in conjunction with your Canon camera.
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Although the YN-560 IV has a flash output that is strong enough to reach up to 58 meters and maintain ISO 100 on a Canon camera, its recharge time of four to five seconds is much slower in comparison to that of its Yongnuo rivals.

However, considering that the flash has a zoom range of 24-105mm, which can be expanded up to 18mm when adding a diffuser, this compromise is one that can be considered acceptable. No matter if you shoot wirelessly or manually, Canon cameras provide you the option to choose from up to 8 different flash output settings to back up the sensor.

4. Yongnuo YN-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite Flash

Imagine that your approach to photographing real estate doesn’t include bouncing light, or that you’re more interested in taking macro or product photos. In this scenario, the Yongnuo YN-14EX Ring Lite Flash is an excellent choice of flash for Canon cameras because of its ability to provide direct light.

The power output of this flash is significantly lower than that of the other flashes; nonetheless, the guide number of 14 meters is sufficient for shooting targets that are close by and of a smaller size. The YN-14EX is even one second quicker than the YN-560 IV despite this fact.

The disadvantage of coming near to the topic is that it forces you to position the camera sensor such that it is in direct contact with your shadow. However, when used close to the subject, this ring flash can envelop the subject in a sufficient amount of light and erase shadows.

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5. Yongnuo YN-568EX TTL Flash

The Yongnuo YN-568EX TTL Flash is a flash that was developed exclusively for Canon cameras; as a result, it can automatically adjust its exposure to correspond with the settings of the camera. When photographing settings with several light sources, such as those found in real estate or street photography, this proves to be an extremely effective technique.

The YN-568EX offers a power output that is comparable to that of the YN-560 IV, although having a recharge rate that is 1 second quicker. In practice, you have ample time to alter the position of the flash head or change the angle at which you are shooting.

Because of its TTL capabilities, this flash is more useful when you need to shoot in various sequences simultaneously because it has a mode that allows for multiple triggers to be activated. In addition to that, it enables high-speed sync, which in turn makes the shutter speed significantly faster.

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