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Can Sony FX6 Record RAW?

The Sony FX6 is a versatile camera known for its exceptional video capabilities. One of the key features that filmmakers often inquire about is its ability to record in RAW format.

This article delves into the intricacies of RAW recording with the Sony FX6, exploring the benefits, considerations, and practical aspects of utilizing this feature.

Understanding RAW Recording

RAW recording is a format that captures uncompressed and unprocessed data from the camera’s sensor.

This provides filmmakers with maximum flexibility during post-production, allowing for extensive color grading, exposure adjustments, and fine-tuning of the image.

Sony FX6’s RAW Recording Capabilities

Internal RAW Recording

Recent firmware updates for the Sony FX6 have introduced the capability to record Apple ProRes RAW internally.

This feature enables filmmakers to capture high-quality RAW footage directly onto the camera’s internal storage.

According to Newsshooter, the V.2.00 firmware update for the FX6 allows recording Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI to compatible external recorders like Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+.

This update marks a significant advancement, making it possible to utilize both SDI and HDMI RAW recording options.

External RAW Recording

For those seeking even more flexibility and control over their footage, external RAW recording is an option worth considering.

By using devices like the Atomos Ninja V with appropriate modules, filmmakers can record in ProResRAW format on external SSDs.

As highlighted in a Reddit discussion, external RAW recording offers enhanced tonal values compared to standard 10-bit recordings, making it ideal for projects that require extensive post-production manipulation.

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Practical Considerations

File Size and Workflow

It’s essential to consider that RAW footage typically results in larger file sizes compared to compressed formats.

Filmmakers should assess their storage capacity and post-production workflow to ensure seamless handling of RAW files.

Post-Production Flexibility

Recording in RAW provides unparalleled flexibility during color grading and editing.

Filmmakers can push the boundaries of creativity by manipulating exposure, color balance, and other image parameters with precision.

Software Compatibility

While RAW recording offers immense creative control, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with editing software.

Programs like Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve support RAW formats, enabling seamless integration into post-production workflows.


In conclusion, the Sony FX6 is equipped with robust capabilities for recording in RAW format, both internally and externally.

Whether opting for internal Apple ProRes RAW recording or utilizing external devices for ProResRAW capture, filmmakers have a range of options to suit their specific needs.

By leveraging the RAW recording capabilities of the Sony FX6, filmmakers can elevate their storytelling through enhanced image quality, dynamic range, and creative freedom in post-production. Embracing RAW recording opens up a world of possibilities for cinematic expression and visual storytelling.

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