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Canon 6D Mark II vs Canon 7D Mark II Comparison

Some individuals like owning a camera as a pastime or for employment. I want to express myself via photography and use social media to promote my work. Depending on what style of photography you want, you’ll know what camera you need.

I’ve reviewed and compared several camera types and brands on my website. In this post, we compare two cameras from the same manufacturer with similar characteristics and performance.

In circumstances like these, it’s hard to highlight one camera above the other since, as I stated, they’re comparable, and for some individuals, little variations won’t matter. I’ll attempt to highlight even the smallest aspects and distinctions so you can choose the best one.

One of these cameras has a full-frame CMOS sensor, while the other has a normal DSLR CMOS sensor, thus that may be considered a start and the first difference between them, but let’s not wait further and see what these cameras are capable of.

Canon 6D Mark II vs Canon 7D Mark II Feature Comparison

Canon 6D Mark II Canon 7D Mark II
Camera Type
Full-Frame DSLR
ISO Range
Flip-Out Screen
AF Points
45 AF points
65 AF Points
Video Recording
Sensor Size
Full-Frame CMOS

Head To Head Comparison

Canon 6D Mark II

The Canon 6D Mark II is a versatile camera that combines full-frame capability with compact DSLR features. I’ve tested this camera for a week and can’t recommend it enough. Even without some capabilities, the camera performs well, but we’ll get to that later.

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First, let’s talk about design.

The weather-resistant body is excellent and unusual in cameras of this price range, or if it is, it’s not as the maker claims. I’ve tested this camera in numerous weather circumstances, and you can use it when it rains. It’s also dust-resistant, so you’re set to go in any situation.

I love touchscreen LCDs, and you should too. Touchscreens simplify everything, from scrolling to photos to adjusting settings and accessing functions. I’m glad this camera has a touchscreen, but it also has a flip-out screen that’s great for capturing photographs from different angles and viewing positions, as well as customizing.

So, the design is fine, but let’s see how this camera works.

This camera has outstanding specifications. The Canon 6D Mark II sports a 26.2-megapixel sensor and a Digic 7 image processor, allowing it to shoot 6.5 frames per second. It’s not as amazing as the Canon 7D Mark II’s 10 fps burst shooting, but it’s still adequate.

The ISO range is 40,000, greater than most predecessors, and can be increased to 102,400. This camera is well-equipped.

The autofocus is something that has to be noted, since it has a relatively substantial bump compared to its predecessors, having a 45-point AF system, and all cross-type focusing sensors. Due to these characteristics, the Canon 6D Mark II ranks among some of the most premium cameras out there.

It can still shoot 1080p at 60fps, which isn’t awful, but I’m upset that it lacks 4K resolution.

This camera includes digital image stabilization for video recording, however, it affects resolution. If you don’t record video often, turn this off.

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Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth enable remote shooting, image transmission, and sharing.

Overall, I enjoy the Canon 6D Mark II; it’s a wonderful deal and you can’t go wrong with it.

Canon 7D Mark II

Not a full-frame DSLR like the Canon 6D Mark II. The 7D Mark II has been around for years, yet it’s still popular among photographers.

This DSLR has outstanding features and seamless operation; I’ve used it for almost a month. It has benefits over the Canon 6D Mark II, but it also has downsides, so let’s explore what this camera can achieve.

With a magnesium alloy casing and increased weather sealing, the camera feels strong in the hands and has an eye-catching appearance that yells high-end. The broad grip and well-placed controls and buttons give extra comfort. The camera’s buttons may be modified to multiple functions.

The 3.0-inch, 1,040,000-dot LCD is colorful and crisp in most settings, but I’m surprised Canon didn’t make it bigger or include touch screen capabilities. I’m also upset that the LCD screen doesn’t have a flip-out design, which is better for customization and taking photos from different angles.

The Canon 6D Mark II is superior in many aspects, and the touchscreen LCD reduces the rivalry between the two.

Enough about the design, let’s look at the specs.

This camera has a 20.2-megapixel sensor, native ISO of 16,000, and 10 fps continuous shooting. They’re impressive, no?

The 7D Mark II has a 65-point cross-type AF system, making it a better candidate for teleconverters.

If you don’t require 4K, this camera is a decent choice. 1920x1080p at 60p is max video resolution.

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I appreciate this camera’s pentaprism viewfinder, which covers 100% of the subject when shooting. Many other cameras and rivals have a 95% to 97% view coverage, therefore this camera is ahead of the bulk on the market. It’s wonderful for indoor and outdoor shots, and dentists love it.

There’s no Wi-Fi, but there’s a GPS. Considering the price of the camera, the manufacturer should have included more connectors.

The Canon 7D Mark II is my preference for video recording and burst shooting.


You should now have enough information to decide which camera is best and which one you need.

I’ll simplify this, though.

I wouldn’t recommend the Canon 6D Mark II to beginners because it’s better for still photography. It’s best for semi-professionals and pros who have used other premium cameras. Despite its easy-to-use operation, it offers several features geared towards professionals.

The Canon 7D Mark II is a superb all-around camera that’s better than the Canon 6D Mark II in many ways, but it has certain drawbacks, such as a touchscreen LCD and a full-frame sensor. I suggest this camera for filming, but it’s still amazing for photos if you overlook the sensor and LCD touchscreen.

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