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Canon M200 vs Sony A5100

Canon M200 vs Sony A5100 Comparison

Mirrorless cameras are the next best thing if you like the way DSLRs perform but don’t like the way they make your neck suffer when you drag them about. Even though they have a design that is smaller and more portable, the image quality is not compromised in any way. The Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 are two types that are worth checking into. Both of these cameras are quick and won’t weigh you down too much when you take them with you. Here is an in-depth comparison of the two options, including topics like as their designs, the quality of the images they produce, and any additional features they may offer.

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The Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 are both capable of taking selfies.

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 when it comes to the dimensions of the two cameras. The first one is 108 millimeters by 67 millimeters by 35 millimeters and weighs 299 grams, while the second one measures 110 millimeters by 63 millimeters by 36 millimeters and weighs 283 grams. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that the weight of these cameras might become significantly increased by the lens that is attached to them. In spite of this, both models have a good portability score and should be enjoyable to carry around with you wherever you go.

In terms of displays, the two different models each contain a touch-enabled screen that makes it possible to quickly and simply set a focal point by tapping the screen. These screens have a straightforward hinge at the very top that allows you to angle them upwards and keep them in place. You are able to set them so that they face all the way forward, which ought to come in handy for the vloggers out there who like to take selfies. On the other hand, the Canon M200 does not come equipped with a feature that is included in the Sony A5100. When you bring the screen around to the front, it will automatically start a timer for three seconds, and you won’t have to do anything more to make it happen. Because neither of these cameras has a viewfinder, you will have to compose your shots using the LCDs on the back of the cameras and the live view feature.

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Image Quality

The Canon M200 is capable of shooting in 4K, however, the Sony A5100 has faster autofocus and can take more shots in rapid succession.

Although the Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 are very compact cameras, the amount of image quality that they are capable of producing is pleasantly unexpected. Even though they do not come with the most recent technology offered by their respective brands, the sensors on these devices are really good. APS-C sensors are larger than the Micro Four Thirds sensors that are typically used in mirrorless cameras. APS-C sensors are also the same size as the sensors found in DSLR cameras, making them standard equipment for both models. Both of these models contain a sensor that is exactly the same size, and they both have an image resolution of 24 megapixels. Due to the fact that they share these two characteristics, they are able to produce the same pixel size and density as DSLRs, which eventually results in the same image quality.

Having said that, the Canon M200 outperforms the Sony A5100 when it comes to the quality of the videos it produces. The Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 both have fast read-out times thanks to their sensors, however, the Canon M200 can record in 4K at 25 frames per second while the Sony A5100 can only record in 1080p at 60 frames per second. Be aware, however, that because of the significant 1.7x crop, it might be rather difficult to produce wide-angle footage with the Canon M200. On the other hand, if we are speaking about autofocus, the Sony A5100 is where the conversation should be directed. This camera not only has a quick autofocus, but it also boasts a burst shooting speed of 5.9 frames per second with a tracking focus. The Canon M200 has a few limitations in this regard, including slower burst speeds and autofocus performance.

Added Advantages and Functions

The Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 both have a flash that is built right into the camera.

Both the Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 are mirrorless cameras, although they don’t have as many features as some other models. If you want to improve the overall quality of your movies but are unable to link an external microphone to either of these devices, this can be rather frustrating. Additionally, they do not come equipped with a hot shoe, which means that you cannot utilize an external flash or any other accessories with them. They do, however, come with an in-built flash, which helps to cushion the hit somewhat. In terms of connectivity, the Canon M200 possesses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, whereas the Sony A5100 is only equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Canon M200 vs Sony A5100: Verdict

When it comes to a number of different aspects, the Canon M200 and the Sony A5100 are comparable to one another. They are comparable in terms of weight and size, as well as the diameters of their sensors and the resolution of their images, all of which are the same. Even similar functionality, such as a microphone port and a hot shoe is not present on some devices. Because of this, you can anticipate a performance that is comparable between the two, and they are both approachable mirrorless cameras that are geared toward beginning photographers.

Take into consideration, nevertheless, that both of them offer some benefits that the other lacks. Because of its remarkable autofocus and quick burst shooting, the Sony A5100 is the best option for you if your primary photographic interests lie more in trip photography or street photography. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in pursuing videography or vlogging, the Canon M200, which is capable of shooting in 4K, maybe a better choice for you.

Canon M200 vs Sony A5100 Specs Comparison

Camera Specifications
Camera Model Canon M200 Sony A5100
Camera Type Mirrorless system camera Mirrorless system camera
Camera Lens Canon EF-M mount lenses Sony E mount lenses
Launch Date September 2019 August 2014
Launch Price USD 549 USD 549
Sensor Specs Canon M200 Sony A5100
Sensor Technology CMOS CMOS
Sensor Format APS-C Sensor APS-C Sensor
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9 mm 23.5 x 15.6 mm
Sensor Area 332.27 mm2 366.6 mm2
Sensor Diagonal 26.8 mm 28.2 mm
Crop Factor 1.6x 1.5x
Sensor Resolution 24 Megapixels 24 Megapixels
Image Resolution 6000 x 4000 pixels 6000 x 4000 pixels
Pixel Pitch 3.72 μm 3.91 μm
Pixel Density 7.22 MP/cm2 6.55 MP/cm2
Moiré control Anti-Alias filter Anti-Alias filter
Movie Capability 4k/25p Video 1080/60p Video
ISO Setting 100 – 25,600 ISO 100 – 25,600 ISO
Image Processor DIGIC 8 BIONZ X
DXO Sensor Quality (score) .. 80
DXO Color Depth (bits) .. 23.8
DXO Dynamic Range (EV) .. 12.7
DXO Low Light (ISO) .. 1347
Screen Specs Canon M200 Sony A5100
Viewfinder Type no viewfinder no viewfinder
LCD Framing Live View Live View
Rear LCD Size 3.0inch 3.0inch
LCD Resolution 1040k dots 922k dots
LCD Attachment Tilting screen Tilting screen
Touch Input Touchscreen Touchscreen
Shooting Specs Canon M200 Sony A5100
Focus System On-Sensor Phase-detect On-Sensor Phase-detect
Manual Focusing Aid Focus Peaking Focus Peaking
Max Shutter Speed (mechanical) 1/4000s 1/4000s
Continuous Shooting 6.1 shutter flaps/s 6 shutter flaps/s
Fill Flash Built-in Flash Built-in Flash
Storage Medium SDXC cards MS or SDXC cards
Second Storage Option Single card slot Single card slot
UHS card support UHS-I UHS-I
Connectivity Specs Canon M200 Sony A5100
External Flash no Hotshoe no Hotshoe
USB Connector USB 2.0 USB 2.0
HDMI Port micro HDMI micro HDMI
Wifi Support Wifi built-in Wifi built-in
Near-Field Communication no NFC NFC built-in
Bluetooth Support Bluetooth built-in no Bluetooth
Body Specs Canon M200 Sony A5100
Battery Type LP-E12 NP-FW50
Battery Life (CIPA) 315 shots per charge 400 shots per charge
In-Camera Charging no USB charging USB charging
Body Dimensions 108 x 67 x 35 mm
(4.3 x 2.6 x 1.4 in)
110 x 63 x 36 mm
(4.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 in)
Camera Weight 299 g (10.5 oz) 283 g (10.0 oz)
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Questions and Answers

Can a 4K video be captured with the Canon M200?

Yes, the Canon M200 is capable of shooting in 4K at 25 frames per second.

Is there a full-frame sensor in the Canon M200?

The Canon M200 utilizes an APS-C CMOS sensor that is capable of producing images with a resolution of 24 megapixels.

Does the Sony A5100 support shooting in 4K resolution?

The highest video resolution that the Sony A5100 is capable of recording in 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Is the Sony A5100 a good camera for taking pictures?

Because of its compact form, high image quality, superb focusing, and quick burst shooting, the Sony A5100 is an excellent choice for photographers interested in travel or street photography.

in stock
10 new from $549.00
10 used from $461.83
as of February 4, 2023 12:03 pm
in stock
12 used from $344.99
as of February 4, 2023 12:03 pm
Last updated on February 4, 2023 12:03 pm

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