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How to Come Up with New Concepts for Short Movie

How to Come Up with New Concepts for Short Movie

Many individuals all around the world enjoy the pastime of filmmaking. Some do it on a massive scale, while others do it more informally when time allows. People may produce short films on whatever topic they wish, using a variety of equipment. They can shoot on film and convert it to digital, or they can use their phone to record the activity.

Filmmakers must consider how lengthy their film will be, write a strong story, and select the ideal personnel to assist and star in the film. However, one of the most significant aspects of any film is its substance. The tale, characters, storyline, and surroundings that viewers will see onscreen.

A filmmaker requires ideas for what will happen in their film, yet these ideas are notoriously difficult to come by. Many filmmakers might take weeks or months to make work on their projects. In an effort to assist, this blog article will discuss how to come up with some original and high-quality ideas for your short film.

Look to Your Life for Inspiration

Examining your own life is one of the finest sources of information. When you write about what you know, it might be much easier to convey a tale. You don’t have to create your movie exactly in your life, but don’t be afraid to steal certain crucial parts. This might be a person you know, a former heartbreak you had, or a foolish circumstance you were ever in.

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Of course, certain aspects should be changed to protect people, provide dramatic effects, or just make the tale more fascinating. Using your life as inspiration is one of the most effective methods to connect with your tale and guarantee that your voice shines through.

Consider Current Events

Current events throughout the world, or even in your own area, can be an excellent source of inspiration. There are always interesting tales and stories worth sharing all across the world; you simply have to look for them. Simply being more open to the world can let creativity flow more freely.

Every day, read the news, look for stories on social media, and just listen to what others are saying and what is going on in their lives. Many films are inspired by current events, and not everything has to be fully unique from your own ideas.

Also, if you produce a video about something that is already in the news or well-known throughout the world, it is generally simpler for them to connect with and enjoy your work.

Visit Distinctive and Inspiring Locations

Some places just encourage creativity and inspiration, and visiting them might help you come up with the ideal concept for your novel. You are never far from any place that can inspire you, no matter where you reside. This might be anything from a mountain range to a gorgeous lake to a magnificent piece of architecture.

Furthermore, the individuals who visit these beautiful areas frequently have tales to tell that might inspire you as well. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you if you want to get even more inspiration. Of course, if you decide to film your short film in these areas, make sure you are informed of the regulations and what is expected of you in order to do it safely and lawfully.

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Begin with something specific and work your way out.

Many filmmakers put too much pressure on themselves right from the outset. They attempt to develop the entire film at once and think through everything. This may be overpowering and frequently leads to mixed consequences. Consider starting with something specific and then extending from there.

It might be a prop, a person, a location, or simply a single thought. You could even begin with the film’s finale and then flesh out the tale of how you got there later on. This may make things a lot easier at first, allowing you to take your time building out the tale from that one concept or piece of information.

Use Freewriting

Freewriting is another excellent method for coming up with original ideas. Freewriting entails writing without regard for organization or aim. You simply sit down and write nonstop. Write about whatever is on your mind and what you are thinking about, whether it is a short film or not.

This helps your thoughts and creativity to flow freely, which might be beneficial for people with writer’s block. Because this type of writing does not limit creativity in the least, it might help you locate absolutely unexpected and unusual ideas.

To begin freewriting, all you need is a pen and paper or your computer. It may seem weird at first, but it is a very unique technique to get inspiration when conventional ways aren’t working. The more you practice, the better your future sessions will be.

Look at Existing Media

You are most likely a lover of other films, TV series, and documentaries as a filmmaker. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from existing media. You could discover certain themes, character qualities, or other features of these films that correspond to what you’re attempting to accomplish.

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Of course, if you do this, you must avoid plagiarism at all costs and obtain formal and official permission if you intend to borrow components from other films. Don’t borrow the entire character or concept; instead, add your own distinctive twist and personality to make it yours.

As you can see, there are several approaches and techniques you may employ to generate fresh ideas for your next film.

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