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Does Fujifilm Work With Polaroid?

Navigating the world of instant photography can be both exciting and confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the right film for your Polaroid camera.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the compatibility of Fujifilm and Polaroid, uncovering surprising facts that will help you make informed choices.

Why Most Fujifilm Film Won’t Work with a Polaroid Camera

The Way Each Type of Camera Works

One fundamental reason behind the incompatibility is the distinctive technology each camera brand employs. Polaroid and Fujifilm utilize different processes in their development, leading to variations in the chemicals used. Attempting to cross-pollinate these films would result in photographic misfires.

The Size of the Film

Film size matters, and manufacturers adhere to specific dimensions tailored to their design. Even if the development chemicals were identical, Fujifilm film wouldn’t seamlessly fit into a Polaroid camera, and vice versa. Precision in size is a critical factor in ensuring the film operates smoothly within the camera mechanism.

Why Can Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Be Used in a Polaroid 300 Camera?

The exception to the rule lies in the Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which surprisingly finds compatibility with the Polaroid 300 camera. This deviation from the norm is rooted in the business dynamics between Polaroid and Fujifilm. The Polaroid 300 camera is essentially a rebranded Fuji Instax camera, sharing not only the camera design but also the film – Fujifilm Instax Mini.

Which Film Do I Use with Polaroid Cameras?

i-Type Film

For the newest Polaroid cameras falling under the i-Type category, specialized film without a battery in the cartridge is necessary. While 600 films can be utilized in i-Type cameras, the reverse is not feasible due to the absence of a required battery in i-Type film.

Polaroid 600 Film

The most common Polaroid film, identifiable by its traditional blue packaging, belongs to the Polaroid 600 range. Versatile and widely used, it’s also compatible with i-Type cameras, offering users flexibility in film choices.

Polaroid Go Film

Exclusive to the Go range, Polaroid Go film mirrors the i-Type but caters to the specific dimensions required by the most miniature instant camera on the market.

Polaroid SX-70 Film

Designed for the SX-70 range, this film operates with increased sensitivity to light, demanding four times the illumination for equivalent clarity compared to the Polaroid 600 range.

Which Film Do I Use with Fujifilm Instax Cameras?

When it comes to Fujifilm Instax cameras, alignment with specific film types is paramount.

Instax Mini

For Instax Mini cameras, the corresponding film is essential. No exceptions exist, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right film for your camera model.

Instax Square and Instax Wide

Fujifilm expands its offerings with Instax Square and Instax Wide ranges, each requiring its distinct film. The meticulous match between camera and film ensures optimal photographic results.

How To Select the Right Film for Your Camera

Choosing the right film involves more than online research. While online resources are valuable, the manufacturer’s website is the ultimate authority. It provides real-time, accurate information about film compatibility, considering any updates or changes that might affect your selection. Additionally, understanding the unique qualities of different film types allows you to tailor your choice to artistic preferences.

Is Polaroid Better Than Fujifilm?

Polaroid and Fujifilm, both esteemed brands in the instant photography realm, present photographers with distinct advantages.

Fujifilm Instax

  • ISO: 800
  • Development Time: 1-2 minutes
  • Performance Temperature: Any temperature
  • Storage Temperature: Room temperature
  • Benefits: Better dynamic range and sharper output


  • ISO: 640
  • Development Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Performance Temperature: 60-80 degrees F
  • Storage Temperature: 40-65 degrees F
  • Benefits: Classic ‘Polaroid’ look

Ultimately, the choice hinges on personal artistic preference. If you favor the vintage, moody Polaroid aesthetic, stick with Polaroid. However, for those valuing sharper images and a broader performance range, Fujifilm’s Instax series takes the lead.


In the intricate world of instant photography, understanding the nuances of film compatibility is paramount. Whether you’re a Polaroid or Fujifilm enthusiast, choosing the right film ensures your photographic moments are captured in all their glory. So, before you load that film cartridge, make sure it aligns with your camera model, preserving the magic of instant photography.

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