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Does YI Camera Require Subscription?

The YI Camera is a popular choice for those seeking an affordable and feature-rich home security solution. One of the key considerations for many users is whether the YI Camera requires a subscription to unlock its full potential.

In this article, we will explore the subscription options for the YI Camera, its features, and the implications of using the camera with or without a subscription.

YI Camera Features

The YI Camera, known for its easy installation, smart detection, and sleek design, offers a range of features that cater to the needs of home security enthusiasts. Some of the key features of the YI Camera include:

  • Motion Detection: The camera is equipped with motion detection capabilities, allowing it to alert users when activity is detected in its field of view.
  • Two-Way Audio: This feature enables users to communicate through the camera using the YI Home App, adding an extra layer of security and convenience.
  • Cloud Storage: The YI Camera offers cloud storage options for recorded footage, providing a secure and convenient way to store and access video recordings remotely.

YI Camera Subscription Options

While the YI Camera can be used without a subscription, opting for a subscription unlocks additional features and benefits. The YI Cloud subscription offers various plans, including the “Standard Plan” and the “Premium Plan,” each with its own set of features and pricing.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan, which is the more basic of the two subscription options, offers features such as AI detection, unlimited video history, and the ability to share your camera with up to five family members. The pricing for the Standard Plan starts at $9.99 per month.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan, as the name suggests, offers a more comprehensive set of features, including all the benefits of the Standard Plan, as well as 24/7 emergency response, priority customer support, and an extended warranty on YI devices. The pricing for the Premium Plan is higher, starting at $19.99 per month.

Using the YI Camera Without a Subscription

It’s important to note that the YI Camera can still be used effectively without a subscription. The free option allows the camera to store six-second clips of motion and send them to your smartphone as alerts.

Additionally, the camera can store recorded clips locally on a microSD card, which supports up to 64GB of storage. This means that even without a subscription, users can still access basic functionality and store recordings locally.


In conclusion, the YI Camera does not require a subscription to function, and users can still benefit from its core features without opting for a subscription. However, a subscription offers additional features such as AI detection, cloud storage, and 24/7 recordings, which may be desirable for those seeking a more comprehensive home security solution. The decision to subscribe to a YI Cloud plan ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

In summary, the YI Camera is a versatile and cost-effective home security solution that can be used with or without a subscription, providing users with the flexibility to tailor its features to their requirements.


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