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Geeni Camera Microphone Not Working and No Sound

Geeni cameras are a popular choice for home security and monitoring. However, users may encounter issues with the microphone and sound functionality. If you’re facing these problems, the following troubleshooting guide will help you address them effectively.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Checking Microphone Settings

  • Enable Microphone: In the Geeni app, navigate to the camera settings and ensure that the “Microphone” option is switched on.
  • Allow App Access: Allow the Geeni app to access your phone’s speakers and microphone in your phone settings.

2. Checking Device Sound Options

  • Increase Device Volume: Access the device settings and raise the volume to check if the sound is muted or too low.
  • Verify Media Volume: Check the media volume on your mobile phone to ensure it’s not muted or set too low.

3. Resetting the Camera

  • Perform a Factory Reset: Consider resetting the camera to its default factory settings to troubleshoot any underlying issues.

4. Contacting Support

  • Reach Out to Customer Support: If the issue persists, it’s advisable to contact Geeni’s customer support for further assistance.

Additional Considerations

  • Remove Protective Foil: Ensure that the protective foil on the device, which may block the microphone, has been removed.
  • Check for Software Updates: Verify if there are any available software updates for the camera and install them if necessary.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure that the camera is connected to a stable and reliable internet connection, as network issues can affect sound and recording capabilities.

By following these steps, you can effectively troubleshoot the microphone and sound issues with your Geeni camera. If the problem persists, contacting Geeni’s customer support is recommended for personalized assistance.


Geeni cameras offer advanced features for home security and monitoring. By addressing common issues such as microphone and sound problems, users can fully benefit from the functionality these devices provide.

Through simple troubleshooting steps and, if necessary, expert support, the majority of issues can be resolved, ensuring a seamless user experience.


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