How Many Arlo Cameras Per Hub

Arlo, a leading brand in the realm of smart security cameras, offers users the convenience of connecting multiple cameras to a single SmartHub base station. This allows for seamless streaming of video feeds from various camera angles. However, there is a limit to the number of Arlo cameras that can be connected to a single hub.

Understanding Arlo SmartHub and Camera Connections

Arlo’s SmartHub base stations serve as the central control units for its wireless security cameras. These hubs allow users to create a network of cameras, enhancing their ability to monitor their surroundings effectively. While the convenience of connecting multiple cameras to a single hub is undeniable, there are limitations to the number of cameras that can be connected and streamed simultaneously.

Arlo SmartHub Capacity

Arlo SmartHubs are designed to accommodate a maximum of 15 cameras per hub. However, it’s important to note that not all 15 cameras can be streamed concurrently. The SmartHubs offer the capability to stream videos from up to 5 cameras simultaneously. This limitation is in place to ensure that the quality of the video streams remains consistent and uninterrupted.

Arlo Subscription Plans and Camera Streaming

Free Plan

Arlo provides its users with a range of subscription plans, each tailored to different needs and preferences. The free plan, suitable for most users, permits the streaming of up to 5 cameras simultaneously. While you can connect a total of 15 cameras to the hub, only a subset of them can be streamed at any given time. This limitation is imposed by the free plan’s streaming capacity.

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Arlo Secure Plan

For users seeking greater flexibility and expanded camera streaming capabilities, the Arlo Secure plan offers an enticing solution. This second-tier paid plan allows an unlimited number of cameras to be connected to the hub. However, it’s important to clarify that the hub itself continues to support a maximum of 15 cameras. The key advantage here lies in the ability to utilize multiple hubs to connect and stream all cameras simultaneously, bypassing the 5-camera streaming limit imposed by the free plan.

Arlo Secure Plus Plan

The Arlo Secure Plus plan is an even more advanced option, offering features such as 4K streaming, emergency response capabilities, and enhanced video resolutions. This plan is ideal for those who prioritize the highest-quality video feeds and comprehensive security coverage. Similar to the Arlo Secure plan, the Secure Plus plan also allows an unlimited number of cameras to be connected and streamed using multiple hubs.

Achieving Optimal Camera Connections

Arlo users are presented with a choice of subscription plans, each catering to specific needs. Whether you’re content with the capabilities of the free plan or seeking the enhanced features of the paid plans, understanding the camera streaming limits is crucial for making an informed decision.

Maximizing Streaming Potential

If you find that the 5-camera streaming limit of the free plan falls short of your requirements, upgrading to one of the paid plans is the solution. The Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus plans not only eliminate the 5-camera streaming restriction but also offer the potential for connecting and streaming an unlimited number of cameras. By employing multiple SmartHub base stations, users can achieve comprehensive coverage of their premises without compromise.

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In conclusion, Arlo SmartHub base stations provide a robust platform for connecting and streaming security cameras. While the free plan imposes a 5-camera streaming limitation, the Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus plans empower users to maximize their camera connections and achieve seamless streaming of an unlimited number of cameras. Whether you prioritize flexibility, enhanced features, or top-tier video quality, Arlo’s subscription plans cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that your security requirements are met.

For anyone seeking a comprehensive and flexible security solution, Arlo’s SmartHub and camera subscription plans offer a winning combination. By understanding the nuances of camera streaming limitations and subscription features, users can tailor their security systems to suit their unique needs effectively.

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