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How to Remove Security Screws on a Ring Doorbell

If you’ve recently become the proud owner of a Ring Doorbell, you’ve likely encountered a small but important detail – a security screw on the bottom cover of the device. This seemingly insignificant screw plays a crucial role in safeguarding your device against theft and tampering.

However, when the time comes to perform maintenance or adjustments, understanding how to remove this security screw can be perplexing.

Why Security Screws Matter

Before delving into the removal process, let’s briefly discuss why security screws are present on Ring Doorbells. These screws are not mere inconveniences; they serve as the first line of defense against potential theft.

Traditional screws can be effortlessly removed by anyone with a standard screwdriver, putting your device at risk. Security screws, on the other hand, are specifically designed to require specialized tools for removal, adding an extra layer of protection to your investment.

Remove Security Screws on a Ring Doorbell – Step-by-Step

Gathering the Necessary Tools

Before embarking on the removal process, ensure you have the appropriate tools at hand. The screwdriver provided with your Ring Doorbell upon purchase is all you need.

The security screws used on Ring Doorbells are known as T6 screws, and the provided screwdriver is tailored to these screws.

Executing the Removal Process

  • Insertion and Turning: With the screwdriver in hand, gently insert the tip into the security screw and begin turning it counterclockwise. Gradually apply pressure while turning to avoid damaging the screw.
  • Removing the Cover: Once the security screw has been successfully loosened, gently push the cover forwards. It will conveniently snap out of its place, granting you access to the device’s internal components.
  • Reinstallation: To restore the device’s protective cover, align it properly and push it back into place until it clicks securely. Next, position the security screw back into its designated hole and begin turning it clockwise. Ensure it’s tightened sufficiently but avoid overtightening.
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Addressing Challenges: What To Do If the Security Screw Gets Stuck

While the above steps offer a straightforward solution for most users, there are instances where the security screw may prove difficult to remove due to wear, damage, or other factors.

In such cases, the original tools might not suffice. If you encounter a stuck security screw, consider the following options:

  • Contact Ring Support: If you’re unable to remove the security screw due to damage or wear, reach out to Ring’s customer support. They can provide guidance on securing replacement screws and offer assistance in removing the old ones.
  • Professional Assistance: If the situation becomes particularly challenging, seeking the help of a professional technician with experience in dealing with such scenarios can be a wise choice.


In conclusion, the security screws found on Ring Doorbells are essential components designed to protect your device from unauthorized tampering and theft.

Their unique design requires specialized tools for removal, ensuring that your investment remains secure. By following the step-by-step guide provided above, you can confidently maintain your Ring Doorbell, knowing how to remove and reinstall the security screws when needed.

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart home technology, understanding the intricacies of maintenance and security is paramount. By mastering the process of removing security screws, you’re not only enhancing your device’s longevity but also contributing to the overall security of your home. Remember, a well-maintained device is a device that serves you reliably for years to come.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge to tackle the task of removing security screws on your Ring Doorbell. Keep this information handy, and you’ll navigate your smart home journey with confidence and ease.

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