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How To Reset Instax Mini 40: Simple Guide

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 40 stands out with its vintage charm. Capturing moments with this camera is a joy, but what if you encounter a hiccup in its performance?

Fear not, as a reset might be the simple solution.

Let’s delve into the nuances of resetting your Instax Mini 40 and understanding common faults that might necessitate this procedure.

Instax Mini 40 Soft Reset: A Quick Troubleshooting Step

Performing a soft reset is the initial step when your Instax Mini 40 faces operational glitches. Here are four easy steps:

  1. Switch Off the Camera: Turn the camera off to initiate the reset process.
  2. Battery Intervention: Remove and reinsert the batteries, a simple yet effective action.
  3. Power On: Turn the camera back on and assess if the issue persists.
  4. Hard Reset Option: If the soft reset doesn’t resolve the problem, perform a hard reset by pressing the shutter button for 5 seconds after removing the batteries.

What Common Faults Require a Reset of Instax Mini 40?

Understanding the common faults that might prompt a reset empowers you to diagnose and fix issues promptly. Let’s explore potential problems and solutions:

1. Water Damage

Water and electronic devices are uneasy companions. To avoid moisture-related problems:

  • Turn off the camera immediately.
  • Remove batteries and open the compartments to air-dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Consider investing in a carry case for added protection against water.

2. Corroded Battery Contacts

Corroded battery contacts can lead to power issues. Here’s how to deal with corroded contacts:

  • Take out the batteries.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol on a cloth or Q-tip to clean the contacts.
  • Ensure the battery chamber is dry before reinserting the batteries.

3. Flashing Orange Light

A flashing light can indicate issues with the flash or battery. Take these steps:

  • Try a soft reset; if unsuccessful, check for corroded contacts.
  • Replace batteries and ensure proper placement in the chamber.

4. Wrong Batteries

Using non-alkaline batteries or placing them incorrectly can lead to power problems. Ensure:

  • Use only alkaline batteries.
  • Check the correct battery placement in the chamber.

5. Stuck Shutter Button

A jammed shutter button can hinder your photography. Clean the button gently:

  • Use a soft cloth or Q-tip with warm water for cleaning.
  • Test the button to ensure smooth functionality.

Caring for Your Instax Mini 40

Regular maintenance ensures your Instax Mini 40 remains a reliable companion. Here are some tips:

  • Monitor battery levels; replace them if approaching 100 shots.
  • Clean the camera with a soft cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid storing the camera with mothballs, as their chemicals can impact functionality.
  • Remove batteries during extended periods of non-use.
  • Periodically clean both the exterior and interior of the camera.


In conclusion, many Instax Mini 40 issues can be attributed to battery-related issues. Alkaline batteries, correct placement, and regular maintenance can mitigate these problems. If troubles persist, a reset, whether soft or hard, might be the remedy. Remember, in cases where a reset proves ineffective, contacting Fujifilm customer support is the next prudent step.

Navigate the intricacies of your Instax Mini 40 with confidence. By understanding common faults and mastering the art of resetting, you ensure your camera remains a reliable tool for capturing life’s fleeting moments.

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