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How to Safely Reset Instax Mini 9: A Quick Tutorial

the Instax Mini 9 camera stands as a beloved companion for capturing life’s moments in a snap. However, even our trusty memory-makers can encounter glitches.

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “How do I reset my Instax Mini 9?” fear not.

This guide will walk you through the steps to safely reset your camera, ensuring it continues to document your life’s highlights without a hitch.

Why Resetting Is Essential

Common Issues that May Require Instax Mini 9 Resetting

  1. Glitches or Malfunctions: Occasionally, your Instax Mini 9 may face operational hiccups that impede its performance.
  2. Camera Not Powering On: If you find your camera refusing to power up, a reset might be the solution.
  3. Unresponsive Buttons or Features: In some cases, certain functions or buttons on your Mini 9 may become unresponsive, signaling a need for a reset.

How Resetting Helps

Resetting your Instax Mini 9 effectively clears minor glitches and restores its functionality. It’s a quick and simple process that can breathe new life into your camera, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted photography experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting Instax Mini 9

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Instax Mini 9 Camera
  • AA batteries
  • Table or workbench to place your camera on while resetting.


  1. Turn off the Mini 9 camera by pushing the power button:
    • Locate the power button on the side of the camera.
    • Press the button gently, observing the lens retract and the camera power down.
  2. Remove the batteries from the battery compartment:
    • Find the battery compartment door on the bottom of the camera.
    • Slide the door open to access the battery slots.
    • Carefully remove the batteries, noting their orientation.
  3. Wait for about 10-15 seconds to let the camera reset:
    • Allow a brief pause for the camera to discharge residual power and clear its memory.
  4. Reinsert the batteries and turn the camera back on:
    • Place the batteries back in the correct orientation, as indicated by polarity symbols.
    • Securely close the battery compartment door.
    • Turn the camera back on by pressing the power button.

That’s it! Your Instax Mini 9 should now be reset and ready to capture new memories. If any issues persist, consider reaching out to Fujifilm customer support for further assistance.

FAQs About Instax Mini 9 Resetting

Where is the Reset Button on My Instax Mini 9?

The Instax Mini 9 doesn’t flaunt a reset button, but fear not! A quick power-off and battery removal do the trick.

How Long Should I Wait Before Reinserting the Mini 9 Batteries?

When resetting, wait 10-15 seconds before reinserting the batteries. This patience ensures an effective reset by discharging residual power.

What if the Mini 9 Camera Still Doesn’t Work After Resetting?

If your Mini 9 remains stubbornly non-functional post-reset, consult the user manual. For persistent issues, Fujifilm customer support is your ally, offering expert guidance and troubleshooting tips.


In the world of instant photography, the Instax Mini 9 is a gem. Ensuring it functions seamlessly is crucial for capturing life’s fleeting moments. With this detailed guide, you can confidently reset your Mini 9, resolving common issues and keeping your photographic journey uninterrupted. Remember, a well-maintained camera is the key to preserving your memories in vibrant snapshots.

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