Improve GoPro Hero 9 Battery Life

The GoPro Hero 9 is a well-known and highly regarded action camera, as many of you are probably already aware. It is one of the cameras that many individuals make use of all around the world. Even though GoPro has already introduced and begun selling the GoPro Hero 10, the Hero 9 continues to be regarded as one of the company’s finest cameras ever produced.

It is a strong action camera equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 23.6 megapixels, and it increases the resolution of anything you use it for.

Full High-Definition, 5K Video Recording, Waterproofness, HyperSmooth 3.0 Stabilization, Bluetooth, Time Wrap, Live Streaming, Two Screens, and many other wonderful features are included in this incredible camera. Among the many other wonderful features that are included are the following:

However, because the battery life of the GoPro Hero 9 is one of the most significant aspects that everyone should be aware of, you will find more information about it in the following paragraphs of this post.

Let’s look at the battery life of the GoPro Hero 9 and see what’s going on!

GoPro Hero 9 Battery Life

The recording modes of the GoPro Hero 9 camera are directly related to the amount of battery life the camera has. It is possible to use it for up to 100 minutes when recording in Full HD (1080 pixels), but if you opt to record in 5K (5120 x 2880 pixels), you will only be able to use it for approximately 90 minutes.

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I would want to offer something more to this discussion! You can also select to record with this camera based on the fps, which stands for frames per second; this division is also connected with the amount of battery life the camera has. The situation is as follows:

  • 5K at 30fps – 90 minutes
  • 5K at 24fps – 95 minutes
  • 4K at 60fps – 72-73 minutes
  • 4K at 30fps – 89 minutes
  • 4K at 24fps – 94 minutes
  • Full HD at 240fps – 77 minutes
  • Full HD at 120fps – 92 minutes
  • Full HD at 30fps – 100 minutes

What Type of Battery Does GoPro Hero 9 Use?

When paired with a 1720mAh battery type that is part of the Lithium-Ion batteries series, the GoPro Hero 9 performs faultlessly. This variety of battery has a unit count of 1.0, and the required voltage for it to function properly is 4 volts. Not only does this battery work with the GoPro Hero 9, but it also works with the GoPro Hero 10.

Is There a Reason Why the Battery Life Goes Down?

There has not been a single, definitive cause identified; nonetheless, there are several elements that contribute to the shortening of the battery’s lifespan. These factors are as follows:


In the previous paragraph, when I was describing the camera, I started a lot of the features that this camera possesses and offers to its users. These features are all potential variables that may cause the GoPro Hero 9’s battery life to deplete more quickly than expected.

  • Recording Modes – The GoPro Hero 9 includes three distinct sorts or modes of video recording; the resolutions of these recordings are 5K, 4K, and Full HD respectively. All these things contribute to the life of the battery decreasing over time.
  • Stabilization – HyperSmooth 3.0 is an excellent stabilization, but despite this, it is still a technology, and technologies are always factors in the battery life of a device.
  • Bluetooth – Another type of technology that shortens the amount of time a battery may last, and it is used for connections.
  • Screens – This camera has not one, but two screens available to its users. The one in the front and the one in the back. They draw more power from the battery when both are active at the same time.
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The GoPro Hero 9 suffers from decreased battery life when exposed to chilly conditions, which may seem counterintuitive at first. In addition to the extremely frigid weather condition, this aspect is linked to waterproofness, as you have probably previously noticed.


The GoPro Hero 9 is not like a fine wine in that it does not improve with age. It is a standard action camera, and as it ages, the battery may run out of juice a little bit more quickly than usual. However, considering the fact that it is a fresh launch, it has the potential to be successful for a number of years.

Quick Information on How to Improve the Battery Life on GoPro Hero 9

The resolution of the recordings should be lowered.

  • When you are finished recording, make sure the GoPro Hero 9 is turned off.
  • When utilized in temperatures below freezing, exercise caution.
  • If you don’t need the screens, make sure they’re turned off.
  • Turning off some functions, such as the HyperSmooth 3.0 and Bluetooth, is the first step.


The GoPro Hero 9 is an excellent piece of equipment to buy. For those individuals who find enormous joy in the ownership of an excellent, feature-packed action camera.

Although the battery life of an action camera is quite typical and acceptable, as was discussed before, you may still find it helpful to be aware of the other aspects that I stated.


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