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Photography Tips to Look Taller

Photography Tips to Look Taller

Are we all in agreement that life does not treat us fairly?! The findings of a research that stated: “Tall individuals make more money, and economists term this the “height premium” are the primary reason I claim that life is unfair, and I am confident that all of you will agree with me, or at the very least, shorter people will be with me?

Because of my height, I’ve always had a difficult time fitting in with my peers, so I’m going to base another post on my personal experiences. It has been my lot in life to constantly appear to be the shortest one in photographs or to actually be the shortest person among my circle of acquaintances. You can’t run away from who you are, particularly if it’s a feature that other people can easily observe, like your height.

When you hear different statements from different studies made, such as the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article and many more such as, “people view short women and men as less attractive and less successful,” or “tall people are more educated,” you just start hating yourself, right?! You really get demotivated in life when you hear different statements from different studies made, such as the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article, and many more such as, “people view short women and men as less attractive and less successful,”

It is said that when you wake up in the morning, you are typically taller than when you went to sleep the night before. If this is true, then those of us who are shorter than average might take a moment to be grateful for our stature. And I guess we need to be glad about the fact that tall people will be the ones to go down first in the event of an earthquake because it gives us something to be thankful for.

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I know we can’t do much about height, but we sure can do something to look taller while taking a picture. And I’m not talking about the post-editing process where you can merely add a few millimeters to your body height; rather, I’m talking about a few tactics that we may apply to make ourselves look taller and more energetic while being photographed.

If you are already tall and you just don’t have to make any effort at all, then just press the x in the right corner of your screen. On the other hand, if you are short and you want to know a thing or two about how to trick the human eye and look taller in images, then keep reading. However, if someone approaches you and says, “Hey, you seem taller in images than you do in real life,” the responsibility will not fall on me; I’m just letting you know that. Let’s get this party started!

How to make Look Taller in Photos

1. Getting comfortable with the camera

Now, just so you know, you won’t find this tip in any other articles about how to look taller while being photographed; however, I have to include it among the tips I consider to be important in order to make height your ally. Now, just so you know, you won’t find this tip in any other articles about how to look taller while being photographed.

Some people are born with the capacity to feel comfortable in front of a camera, while others have to force themselves to feel that way in front of a camera. Becoming accustomed to the camera may be something that differs from person to person. When you have reached the point where you are comfortable with yourself while you are being comfortable, you will be able to use everything to your advantage, not just your height.

It’s possible that this piece of advice is more of a diversion. Let me explain! As soon as you feel at ease in front of the camera, other factors, such as your height, angle, wardrobe, and how your hands are positioned, will become less important. Therefore, by becoming more at ease in front of the camera, you can divert the attention of the spectator away from elements that you would rather not have served as the primary subject of your photograph.

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2. Shoot at eye level

Make sure that when you stare at the camera your gaze is directed in a straight line, squarely on the lens. I know that you are often telling your friend to lower that phone so that you can look taller and more beautiful, but believe me when I say that this is stating the obvious. I know that you think that doing so will make you look taller and more beautiful.

You have likely heard that taking photographs of yourself from a lower angle and from below will make you look taller in the resulting images. That is correct, but it should also be noted how obvious and clear it is. Do you know the reason why? Simple! Because your focus is directed downwards.

Because of this, it is imperative that you gaze squarely into the lens of the camera. Not only will this help you appear taller, but it will also give you an appearance that is more authentic.

3. When in motion

Taking a picture while simultaneously moving around shouldn’t be that difficult, right? It is not difficult to take a picture, but it is difficult to take an appropriate picture. However, we need to make the sacrifice of trying over and over again in order to achieve the result we want, which is to make height our ally. Taking a picture is not difficult, but taking an appropriate picture is difficult.

What better method is there to add some motion to your day than walking? Walking would require you to place one leg in front of the other, which would give the impression that your legs are longer and leaner, which would be an interesting addition to the photograph. If the person being shot takes a step while being photographed, the photographer will be able to snap taller pictures of them without having to worry about the subject slouching or leaning too far forward.

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Just make sure you don’t walk too quickly so you don’t have to whine about how blurry the images turned out afterward.

4. Posing

It is quite important in helping you achieve the desired height in your photographs. It’s possible that I forgot to mention this earlier, but crossing your legs can give the appearance that you are taller than you actually are.

Your legs are the portion of your body that you have the greatest control over, but you still need to be aware of the most advantageous position and pose for you. For instance, crossing your legs while being photographed causes them to appear more leaner, and it also causes the top half of the body to appear smaller.

5. Outfit

It is pretty significant when it comes to the proposal of your body. People who are shorter need to make sure to wear an unequal proposition while selecting their wardrobe for the day. This is because the proposition of your body is quite significant. If you want to give the impression that you are taller than you actually are, try wearing high-waisted jeans with a crop top. Alternatively, if you are a man, matching the color of your shoes and pants can assist a great deal with the appearance of your height.


I would love to close this article by saying, just embrace yourself the way you are, but I also know that we all want to seem at our best while taking our photographs and I guarantee you that by following the above-mentioned tips, you will make height your ally.

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