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The Best Tips for Fireworks Photography

The Best Tips for Fireworks Photography

Taking stunning photographs of fireworks does not have to be tough. Today, you’ll discover the best techniques for photographing fireworks in order to bring these incredible events to life like never before.

Forget about photographing fireworks with your smartphone or a low-cost digital camera. It’s simply not going to work. All of your photos will be hazy, and the explosions will appear as splotches of colour. Follow these tips on how to photograph fireworks to get the best definition, exquisite detail, and breathtaking clarity.

To shoot the greatest images of fireworks, you should be familiar with night photography. Because fireworks occur at night, photographing them is a little different than photographing them during the day. Night photography is one of the most difficult areas of photography, and it is made considerably more harder by the brilliant lights of the fireworks.

The Best Camera to Photograph Fireworks

You’ll need more than just the camera body. One of the most critical items to pack is a camera with an electronic cord release. It makes no difference whether the connection is wired or wireless. The fewer times you touch the camera, the sharper your images will be, and an automated cable release aids in keeping the camera stable.

When it comes to lenses, anything wide-angle will suffice. This will aid in capturing the spectacular scope of the fireworks as they explode in the sky. However, if you find yourself a little too far away from the action, consider using a telephoto lens. If possible, bring both lenses with you.

If you don’t have a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or a capable point-and-shoot will suffice. Just because you don’t have the best camera in the world doesn’t mean you can’t create stunning fireworks photos. Do the best you can with what you’ve got – just avoid using a smartphone, which doesn’t capture very good images.

The Best Equipment to Photograph Fireworks

Being prepared is the best method to get amazing images of fireworks. This entails bringing the necessary gear and equipment. You’ve got a good camera, a wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. You should also bring a tripod, batteries, memory cards, a remote, and even a drone for a different perspective.

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When photographing pyrotechnics, a tripod is a must-have item. A tripod is essential for all aspects of taking great images. To successfully capture images, you will need to use an extremely slow shutter speed. The only way to do this is using a tripod to assist reduce blur.

Select a strong tripod. Make sure it can easily support the weight of your camera, so you don’t discover too late that your hefty camera renders the tripod unsteady. It’s also critical to have something substantial to keep the tripod balanced if you’re near the ocean or in an area with strong gusts.

Remote control

Remote control is required so that you do not have to contact the camera with your fingers. A photograph taken at a slow shutter speed might be significantly ruined by even the smallest touch. You could destroy your photograph if you touch the camera with your finger.

Any remote control will suffice. Wireless is the best option, and you can even get timed remotes that shoot photos without your intervention. An even better option is to use your smartphone to control your camera wirelessly. This should be an option if you have a relatively new camera. Wireless control means that as long as your camera is properly positioned on the tripod, you won’t have to touch it for the duration of the fireworks display.

Memory Cards

As with any big photography event, make sure you carry enough memory cards to last the night. Some large firework displays can last for hours, resulting in a lot of photo opportunities. You won’t have to worry about running out of space if you pack an extra memory card or two.

Extra Battery

Just like memory cards, every professional photographer knows to bring a backup battery with them. Not only that, but bring the battery charger as well. A fireworks photoshoot could morph into a picture session during the after-party. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

The Best Position to Photograph Fireworks

The key to capturing the best fireworks shots is to get a good perspective point. You must find an outstanding position to photograph the entire performance before the act even begins, while it is still bright and shining outside. Before you head out, keep in mind that a large number of individuals will be doing the same thing as you. The venue will be extremely crowded, so explore ahead of time and arrive early to obtain a decent spot.

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If you can’t get to the site ahead of time, do some research online to figure out where the finest photo opportunities will be. You want a flat area for your tripod, where no one will walk in front of your camera, and where you can see the sky, background, and scenery.

Keep in mind that the fireworks will go off in a big burst. You must be far enough away to catch the explosion of light as well as the background, which can include city lights, the ocean, the bay, or whatever else you like. It’s always a good idea to have a plan in place before deciding on a location. Understand what you’re searching for and what components you want in the background, such as city buildings, mountains, and so on. Once you’ve decided on a location, set up your equipment as soon as possible. Take some practice pictures to ensure you’re in the best position to catch the splendour of the fireworks and your surroundings, and if you’re not satisfied, you still have time to reposition.

The Best Camera Settings to Photograph Fireworks


One of the most common queries when it comes to photographing fireworks is which focus to use. Should you use autofocus or manual focusing? The truth is that you can do it in any direction. Your camera’s autofocus system should be capable of focusing on the fireworks when they burst. However, you may experience lag, causing you to miss shots.

The ideal method is manual focus. If you know where the fireworks will go off, you can use manual focus before they start, ensuring that your camera maintains a stable focus throughout the event.

If you’re not sure where to focus, consider placing your sights on a landmark near where the fireworks will be exploding. This isn’t always an option. However, if there is a building or a tree near the explosions, you can direct your attention there. Otherwise, hold your camera totally steady on its tripod and focus on Infinity.

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Avoid using flash whenever possible. You won’t need a flash at any stage while photographing fireworks. Because you’ll be using an extremely slow shutter speed, a flash wouldn’t be necessary. Using flash, on the other hand, will make your photos worse.


Keep your ISO low to decrease digital noise and avoid blurring your images. Your ISO should be set at 200 or less. When your images appear underexposed, instead of adjusting the ISO, simply increase the shutter speed. Your camera’s native ISO, either 100 or 200, should be sufficient.

Shutter Speed

The most important setting to be concerned about is shutter speed. A long shutter speed is required to capture the beautiful trails of colour left by pyrotechnics when they burst. In fact, the longer your shutter speed, the longer the light trails and the more bursts you’ll capture in a single shot.

Begin with an exposure time of roughly 2 seconds. This is ideal for photographing fireworks. After you’ve taken a few shots at 2 seconds, you can experiment with the times to determine what works best for you. This will necessitate some trial and error. Experiment with going all the way up to 10 seconds to obtain some absolutely spectacular images. If you’re feeling brave, you can even go beyond 10 seconds.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your shutter speed is too slow, you will capture too many fireworks bursts, which can clog your image. Slow down the shutter speed if you feel there is too much going on in your photos. A sweet spot will fill your image with light and spark trails without making it look cluttered.


Fireworks photography does not have to be complicated. You’ll be alright if you remember to pack a good camera, a solid tripod, and a remote to take images hands-free.

Always arrive early to secure a good photographing location. Finally, keep in mind that shutter speed is crucial. Experiment with shutter speeds to create one-of-a-kind photos full of light and beauty.


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