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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography, Camera Reviews, Tutorials and Recommendations

CameraNeeds will help you to:

Take awe-inspiring shots

Capture those memorable moments and stunning sights with perfect clarity. Learn how to get the wow-factor into your shots and create images that pack an emotional punch.

Develop your skills

Master composition, focus, shutter speeds, balance, lighting, exposure settings, lens filters, positioning, saturation, editing, plus many, many more advanced skills

Get exposure for your shots

Get your photos seen and reviewed by a massive community of like minded photographers. Share in our forums and create your own photography portfolio as part of our membership packages.

Become an awesome photographer

Whether you’re passionate about your hobby, or want to build a professional photography business, we have tutorials, resources and experts on-hand to help you achieve your dreams.

Photography Tips

TFT and EVF Viewfinders

What is TFT and EVF Viewfinders?

You are attempting to capture photographs with your brand new digital camera on a day with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Because of the…
Why Snorkeling with a GoPro is Great

Why Snorkeling with a GoPro is Great?

There is no denying that the GoPro is a top-tier product in the market. Even though everyone has gotten on the action camera bandwagon, GoPro’s…
Best Photography Tips for Nikon D3200

Best Photography Tips for Nikon D3200

Many people, like myself, were surprised by the D3200’s capabilities when it was first announced by Nikon. As far as most of us were concerned,…

From the Blog

Best Yongnuo Flash for Canon

Yongnuo flashes can also produce a substantial amount of light, making them a good choice for those searching for an inexpensive alternative to the Canon…

Best Flash for Nikon D5500

Nikon’s D5000 series is a good choice for real estate photographers who desire a compact, competent camera. We’ll show you how to choose the best…

Best Flash for Canon 80D

When compared to the capabilities of an external flash, the built-in flash on the Canon 80D, like other built-in flashes, is severely lacking. Your needs…

Best Yongnuo Flash for Nikon

Yongnuo produces some of the most high-quality third-party flashes for Nikon cameras, and the company has a diverse selection of flashes designed specifically for Nikon…

7 Best Flash for Fuji X-T1

The Fuji X-T1 is a pocketable camera that excels in both dynamic range and color rendering despite its small size. However, there is no flash…

Best Flash for Canon T5i

Although lighting is one of the most difficult components of photography, not all external flashes are compatible with Canon cameras. We provide a variety of…

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