How to Mount Blink Mini

The Blink Mini camera is a versatile home security device that offers two mounting options – one for vertical and another for horizontal placement. With its user-friendly setup and straightforward mounting process, you can easily position your Blink Mini camera on walls, ceilings, desktops, and more. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up and mounting your Blink Mini camera to ensure optimal security coverage.

Before delving into the mounting process, it’s crucial to ensure that your Blink Mini camera is properly set up. This initial setup will prevent any unnecessary headaches down the line and ensure a seamless mounting experience.

Begin by downloading and installing the Blink app on your smartphone. Once installed, create an account within the app. This account will serve as the hub for managing your Blink Mini camera and accessing its features.

Step 2: Adding Your Camera

After logging into the app, locate the plus (“+”) icon at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to begin adding a new device. From the options presented, select “Mini Camera.” This choice will initiate the setup process specifically designed for your Blink Mini.

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Step 3: Camera Configuration

Enter the serial number of your Blink Mini camera, which is typically found on the device itself or in its packaging. Provide a name for your camera to easily identify it within the app. Once completed, click on “Discover Device” and then hit “Connect.” This step establishes a connection between your smartphone and the camera.

With the camera set up, it’s time to focus on attaching it to the mount. The Blink Mini camera comes with two distinct mounting points: one for vertical mounts and the other for horizontal mounts. Your choice of mounting point will depend on where you intend to place the camera.

Horizontal Mounting

If you’re planning to mount your Blink Mini camera on the ceiling, the horizontal mounting point is the ideal option. This ensures proper orientation and coverage.

Vertical Mounting

For wall-mounted installations, opt for the vertical mount point. This guarantees that your camera captures the intended field of view without distortion.

The Mounting Process: Step by Step

Mounting your Blink Mini camera involves a few simple yet crucial steps. Follow this guide to securely attach your camera to the mount:

How to Mount Blink Mini 1
  1. Choose an Optimal Location: Decide where you want to place your camera. Consider factors such as visibility, coverage area, and accessibility.
  2. Secure the Mount: Hold the mount against the chosen surface (wall or ceiling). Using the included screws, firmly secure the mount in place. This step ensures stability and longevity.
  3. Cable Management: Tuck the camera’s cable into the molded clips located at the base of the mount. This prevents unsightly cables from dangling and maintains a clean installation.
  4. Thread the Cable: Thread the end of the cable through the retainer ring on the mount. This step adds an extra layer of security to your setup.
  5. Attach the Camera: Gently push the ball on the camera’s base into the corresponding mounting point on the mount. Apply adequate pressure—it’s designed to handle it.
  6. Connect and Adjust: Once attached, connect the camera using the provided USB cable. Adjust the camera’s orientation to achieve the desired angle and coverage.
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Fine-Tuning Your Setup

Now that your Blink Mini camera is securely mounted, it’s time to fine-tune your setup for optimal performance.

  • Sensitivity Settings: Within the Blink app, explore sensitivity settings to customize motion detection according to your preferences. This ensures that the camera captures relevant events while minimizing false alerts.
  • Microphone Settings: Adjust the microphone settings to optimize audio capture. Whether you’re using it for security purposes or to communicate with family members, clear audio is crucial.
  • Image Orientation: If your camera is ceiling-mounted, take advantage of the app’s features to flip the image orientation. This ensures that recorded footage aligns correctly.


Mounting your Blink Mini camera doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these detailed steps and guidelines, you can confidently secure your camera in the desired location and optimize its performance. Remember that a well-mounted camera not only enhances security but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your home is being monitored effectively.

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