Apps to Hide Photos in iPhone

We are all aware of how practical and advantageous mobile devices are for the purpose of securing our photographs and videos. The issue, however, is that anyone who has access to your smartphone is able to readily view your saved images. This includes the photos and videos that you would prefer to keep private.

You are in luck since there are a plethora of applications (apps) that you may use to limit access to private and sensitive media assets stored on your phone. Which should you use? Continue reading for a list that we’ve compiled of the top 10 best applications that can hide photos and videos.

Best Apps to Hide Photos for iPhone

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault

There are occasions when pictures may not always get backed up to the cloud automatically.
The Keepsafe Photo Vault is a fantastic tool that is available for both iOS and Android users. It will get us started with our list. This photo storage app provides you with a variety of locking options, including a pattern lock, a personal identification number lock, and a fingerprint lock, so that you may keep your pictures private.

Keepsafe will use the front-facing camera on your phone to capture a picture of the person trying to log in if it determines that they have entered the incorrect login information. The date and time are recorded for later use as a reference by the program.

Keepsafe is a cloud storage service that also allows you to move images between your devices. The fact that all of your data is encrypted gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the whole procedure can be relied upon.

2. Vaulty

Vaulty provides a number of different layers of security, including a number of different vaults, each of which has its own unique password for added safety. This makes it completely certain that the software cannot be broken into in any way.

This tool creates a backup of all of the hidden photographs stored in the Drive folder of your Google account and links straight to your Google account. Therefore, even if something happens to your smartphone, the images you take will still be protected on the cloud. Vaulty will also pretend to be a stock lookup software or a calculator app in order to throw off the suspicions of people who are not familiar with it. As we previously stated, there are many layers of protection.

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Last but not least, users who value organization will be pleased to learn that the app gives you the option to sort photos according to the time or date they were most recently submitted.

3. HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

The HiddenVault Secret Photo Album app is a very secure piece of software that safeguards your media files without putting any of the other information on your iOS device at risk. Therefore, if you are seeking a fantastic program to hide photos and videos on your iPhone, then this is a good option for you to consider.

You won’t have to be concerned about any of your passwords being compromised if you use Face ID as your lock, which can be installed on your device to provide an additional layer of protection. The application also features a remarkable password vault that saves all of your login details, allowing you to access any website with only one swipe on the screen.

The zero-knowledge design of this app makes use of a one-of-a-kind algorithm in order to prevent the app from needing to access any of your personal information. In contrast to other apps, you have full control over the photos and movies that are uploaded from your device to this one.

4. Private Photo Vault

The photo-hiding application known as Private Photo Vault is jam-packed with features, including direct gallery transfers and album passcodes, among many more.

The decoy-passcode function that comes included with Private Photo Vault gives you the ability to set two distinct passcodes. The first will take you to a folder that is accessible to everyone, while the second will allow you to view the hidden folder that contains your personal photographs.

This program will also send an intruder notification to your device, along with an image and the GPS position of the break-in, which will help keep your device safe (and locatable).

5. Hide It Pro

The Hide It Pro app is a 2-in-1 solution that allows you to conceal your photographs and lock any applications of your choosing. This covert photo-storage app presents itself to the outside world as an audio file organizer in order to fool potential users.

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In addition, Hide It Pro comes equipped with a top-notch privacy setting supported by built-in encryption technology to safeguard your photographs against any dangers. You may also organize your photos so that they are more convenient to navigate thanks to the File Manager tool.

6. 1Gallery

If you are running out of storage space on your device and do not want to install additional apps to hide photographs and videos, then 1Gallery is the perfect solution for you. You can choose this gallery as the default gallery for your smartphone, but it also gives you the option to conceal specific photographs. Your photographs will remain entirely confidential thanks to AES encryption.

You can simply categorize the albums and files so that you won’t have to look through all of your media one at a time. 1Gallery consists of basic photo and video editing features, similar to what you would find in a typical gallery software. PIN, Password, and Pattern modes are all available to you as additional safeguards, and you may select the one that best suits your needs from the menu.

7. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

With LockMyPix’s Secret Photo Vault, your privacy is the top priority. It hides your private photographs with AES encryption and provides an additional layer of protection by including a fake vault feature in its arsenal. This comes with a passcode and a fake folder that other people can use to fool others who are trying to access the program.

LockMyPix will save your private photos, videos, and documents on the SD card that you provide to it. You have the ability to choose an adequate storage capacity for your files because the SD card slot is extendable on the majority of devices.

LockMyPix also includes customization options, allowing users to adjust the app to their specific preferences. In addition, if you take pleasure in organizing your photographs, you will find the app’s ability to categorize albums and create sub-albums to be quite helpful.

Safe Gallery is a dependable choice if you need an excellent tool to hide photographs and movies that do not consume a large amount of storage space on your device. It was designed to make the most efficient use of both processor power and RAM. This program, despite having a lightweight look, is excellent in hiding photographs that have been directly downloaded from the internet.

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By enabling you to store your personal photographs in distinct folders, the application lessens the likelihood that unauthorized parties would gain access to them. Because there are so many passcodes for you to remember, it is highly recommended that you have a cheat sheet with all of them.

Videos and other types of files can also be stored within Safe Gallery. However, because this program does not have any facilities for mass storage, it is recommended that you limit how much you utilize it.

9. Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault stands out from the other apps on this list thanks to its polished appearance and innovative programming. The app’s front end consists of a fully operational calculator that you can use to perform a variety of mathematical operations. However, once you have entered the correct passcode into the calculator and pressed the button labeled “equals,” you will be granted entry to your hidden safe. That’s quite cool, isn’t it?

An additional feature of the application is the incorporation of a private browser, which allows users to surf the web in an environment that cannot be tracked in any way. This enables you to download photographs directly to the application, without the need to generate a download history in the process.

But the feature that stands out the most is the ability to shake the device in order to rapidly exit the app anytime you find yourself in a pinch for time. In addition, the calculator will not appear in the area labeled “Recently Used.” What a sneaky way to put it!

10. FotoX

The entire security system that FotoX is provides protection against illegal access. The application will force close and generate a false crash report anytime the incorrect passcode is entered. The facts of the break-in are logged in the crash report, and once you have access to your phone again, you will be able to verify these data for yourself.

In addition, FotoX provides you with additional cloud storage so that you can back up your most important data and photographs. You can also get your passcode to reset via the app’s main servers in the event that you forget it.

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