6 Best Apps to Hide Photos for iPhone

Mobile devices are great for keeping our photos and videos safe because they are easy to use and easy to find when we need them. There is a problem, though, because anyone who has a smartphone can easily look at all of your photos and videos, even the ones you want to keep private.

As a good thing, there are a lot of apps that you can use to keep people from seeing sensitive and private media files on your phone. It’s up to you. For our list of the 6 best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone, keep reading!

6 Best Apps to Hide Photos for iPhone

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Start with the Keepsafe Photo Vault, which is a great app for both iOS and Android users. This photo storage app has everything you need to keep your photos safe, including three ways to lock them: pattern, PIN, and fingerprint.

Keepsafe takes a picture of the person who tried to log in with the wrong username and password every time. It then gives you the date and time for your records.

Keepsafe also lets you move photos to its cloud storage. The best thing is that all of your data is encrypted, so you can be sure that the whole process is safe.

2. Vaulty

Vaulty has a lot of security options, like multiple vaults with different passwords for extra protection. This makes sure that the app can’t be hacked.

When you use this app, it connects to your Google account and backs up all of the hidden images in your Drive folder. Photos will be safe in the cloud even if your phone is broken. Also, Vaulty hides as a stock lookup app or a calculator app to avoid being noticed by people who don’t know what it is. As we said, there are many levels of security.

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Users who like to keep things in order will be happy to know that the app lets you arrange photos based on when they were last added.

3. HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album is a very safe app that protects your media files without putting other data on your iOS device at risk. There are many apps that can help you hide photos and videos on your phone. This is one of the best.

You can add an extra layer of security to your home by using Face ID as your lock. This way, you won’t have to worry about your passwords getting out to anyone else. As a bonus, the app has a password vault that stores all of your login information so you can start any website with just one tap.

An algorithm used by this app makes it so the app doesn’t need to know anything about you. This means the app doesn’t need to know anything about you. Unlike other apps, you can choose which pictures and videos you want to put on the site.

4. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a feature-rich photo-hiding app that has everything from album passcodes to direct gallery transfers. It’s a good choice for people who want to keep their photos private.

There’s a “decoy passcode” feature in Private Photo Vault that lets you set two different passcodes so you can get into the vault. There are two folders: one will lead you to a general one, and one will let you get to the secret one that has your private pictures in it.

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An intruder will get a notification with an image and the location where they broke in. This will help keep your phone safe (and locatable).

5. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro is a two-in-one app that hides your photos and locks the apps you choose. This secret photo-storage app looks like an audio file manager to fool people who don’t know what it is.

You can also hide your photos with Hide It Pro, which comes with its own encryption tool to keep them safe from outside threats. And thanks to its File Manager feature, you can organize your photos so that you can find them more quickly.

6. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

When you use LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault, you can keep your photos safe. This app uses AES encryption to hide your personal photos, and it also has a fake vault feature that makes it even safer. This comes with a fake folder and a passcode that confuses people who want to use the app.

When you use LockMyPix, your SD card is used to store your private images, videos, and documents. The SD card slot on most devices can be used to add more storage space. This means that you can choose a storage capacity that is enough to store your files.

LockMyPix also has a lot of customization options so you can make the app how you want it to work for you. And if you like to keep your photos in order, then you’ll like the app’s album categorization and sub-album features.

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