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The Art of Capturing Couple Photography Poses (50)

As a portrait photographer, mastering the art of couple poses is essential for creating beautiful and memorable images. Whether you’re capturing wedding photos, engagement sessions, or casual couple portraits, these poses will help you showcase the love and connection between your subjects.

Essential Tips for Couple Poses

  1. Encourage natural interactions: Let the couple be themselves and engage in activities they enjoy, such as walking, dancing, or laughing.
  2. Use props: Incorporate items like umbrellas, blankets, or flowers to add coziness and interest to your photos.
  3. Vary heights: Mix up the couple’s positions to create visual interest, such as having one person sit while the other stands.
  4. Emphasize similarities and differences: Capture the couple’s unique bond by highlighting their similarities and differences in poses.
  5. Be creative: Experiment with new and unique poses to make your photos stand out.

50 Inspiring Couple Poses

  1. Sit on steps together
  2. Lie next to each other on a bed or picnic blanket
  3. Kiss under an umbrella in the rain
  4. Feed each other something delicious
  5. Do something silly
  6. Twirl in a flowy skirt or dress
  7. Lie close together, looking at each other or the camera
  8. Hold hands and look away from the camera
  9. The intimate pose: Face to face, turn heads toward the camera
  10. Looking into one another’s eyes
  11. The piggyback pose
  12. Looking up (from a higher angle)
  13. Hold hands
  14. Sitting together on a sofa
  15. The classic maternity pose
  16. The gentle, staggered pose
  17. The classic kiss
  18. Holding from behind
  19. The piggyback pose (casual version)
  20. Grab his shirt
  21. Silhouette or backlighting poses
  22. Poses with pets
  23. Walk from ceremony to reception
  24. Funny couple pose
  25. Head on shoulder
  26. Arms wrapped around waist
  27. A Hollywood-inspired kiss
  28. Holding from behind
  29. Lean on each other at sunset
  30. Stretch Out an Arm
  31. Sit on the Other Person’s Shoulders
  32. Point at Something
  33. Hold Hands and Look in the Same Direction Together
  34. Dance Like No One Is Watching
  35. Kiss Them on the Cheek
  36. Gently Hold the Other Person’s Face
  37. Walking or Jogging Hand in Hand
  38. Lift
  39. Hug close-up
  40. Hug from behind
  41. Looking into the distance
  42. Lift-off
  43. Ring shot
  44. Walking and holding hands
  45. The “Ugly Face” Challenge
  46. Lean on a wall
  47. Sit on the ground, facing each other
  48. The “Dirty Secret” Challenge
  49. The “Favorite Color” Challenge
  50. The “Goofy Face” Challenge
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Action-Related Poses

  1. Walking or jogging hand in hand
  2. Lift
  3. Hug close-up
  4. Hug from behind
  5. Looking into the distance
  6. Lift-off
  7. Ring shot
  8. Walking and holding hands
  9. Dancing
  10. Piggyback ride

Photographing couples is a unique and rewarding experience, allowing you to capture the love and connection between two individuals.

Posing Guides and Resources

  1. Lindsay Adler’s Couples Posing Guide offers more than 200 poses to inspire you and keep your images fresh. It covers various scenarios, including engagement sessions, weddings, and other celebrations. The guide also provides tips on creating variation quickly and offers references for sitting, standing, leaning, and candid moments.
  2. SLR Lounge’s Couples Posing Guide provides a comprehensive framework for posing couples, including foundation poses, action-related poses, and tips for masculine posing. The guide also offers insights into nuances like hair, fingers, and hip spacing.
  3. YouTube’s “Learn 20+ Couples Poses in Less Than 10 Minutes” video demonstrates various poses and provides cues to help you direct your subjects.
  4. Lightroom Presets’ blog post “Top 10 Couple’s Photography Poses” offers a list of favorite poses and tips for photographing couples, focusing on connection and authentic moments.
  5. TNK Photo’s Couples Photography Posing Guide provides a variety of poses and tips for engagement photo shoots, including standard poses, facing each other poses, and walking shots.


By incorporating these poses and tips into your photography, you’ll be able to create stunning and memorable couple portraits that showcase the love and connection between your subjects. Remember to be creative, experiment with new poses, and most importantly, let your couple be themselves.

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